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Finally, some fresh and exciting trends have hit our door steps. 2016 is all about making subtle statements whilst making any space, small or large, a great place to be. Is your patio a little plain? Does your space need bold, sustainable elements? How can you make the space suitable no matter what the weather says?

We’ll show you how outdoor appliances, shelter choices and bold artwork, can turn your outdoor space upside down and around and round. (For the better of course!)

1. Outdoor Furniture Appliances 

Having a trusty heater is essential when you’re hosting, especially in the evening, so why not keep your guests warm and amazed by your superb choices. The current Cylindrical Heating Appliances allow you to meetyour stylish and environmentally friendly needs. Cylindrical heating is awesome as itallowsthe flame to be seen and easily adored. Elements like this make dramatic additions to your outdoor space, whilst being practical. That’s a two-in-one we can’t resist!

2. Shelter keeps the team Together

Whether the sun is scorching or the rain is pouring, something as simple as a large umbrella will ensure that the time you spend outdoors remains enjoyable. It’s always good to choose a sustainable, stable umbrella that you can leave outside and let add an additional element to the current mood of your outdoor space. We love Manutti umbrella’s, mainly due to their contemporary style and great quality. Choose an umbrella that comes with a user friendly wind-up system and a structure that rotates 360 degrees. It just makes it so much easier to move around if need be and provides for optimal shade protection.

3. Bold Artwork

Choose a square, rectangle, panoramic or Triptych format in any size that is right for your wall space. There is no better way to spice up your backyard with some outdoor furniture artwork. Tree Balmoral Artwork is certainly in, mainly because it is so simple to incorporate to a space no matter its current style. It works on plain walls, regardless of the colour! What we love about Tree Balmoral is when mounted to wall, it looks as if it is floating. The shadow it casts is stunning and adds to the three-dimensional feel. To add to the mood, let the artwork hang-out with candles or pots and plants that complement its style.Try trialling with one or more of these trends in your outdoor area, we would love to know how you go! Are there any outdoor furniture styles you think will surprise us this year? Let us know!