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When you walk into a room, the first thing that attracts your eyes may be the window covering. When this detail is drab or boring, it brings a negative vibe to the space. If you are looking to give your home a more modern feel, here are some of the hottest curtain design trends for 2018. 

1. Rich Colors 

It is acceptable to play it safe and to decorate with classic colors like black and white. However, modern designers are incorporating color into rooms. This year, rich hues are decorating windows. Jewel tones are especially popular and bring regal appeal to a space. Red is very hot. If this sounds scary, you can start slow and consider adding smaller pops of color. For example, give your existing drapes an update by lining the edges with bright fabrics. Hanging sheer curtains that have rich colors will work as well. This will bring life to a room but will not be overly dramatic. If you decide to go in a bolder direction, try pairing colors like ruby red with hints of metallic. 

2. Track Rods 

A common mistake that you may make is hanging your draperies too far from the ceiling. This year, many designers are using track rods that are mounted at the top of a room. Besides tricking the eye into believing that the room’s height is larger, this type of hanging system brings a sense of drama to the space. It is an excellent idea for a window or a door that has little space to hang a traditional rod. Before selecting rods, it is vital to consider the fabric of your curtains. Heavier materials will require stronger rods that are crafted from metal. 

3. Roller Shades 

Conventional vertical blinds are a quick way to cover a window. This is a generic look that may block too much light or detract from a formal decor. In 2018, roller shades are trending. This type of window covering has a clean appearance, and it is very functional. Today’s roller shades have overlapping sheer and solid panels that allow the perfect amount of light inside and help to maintain privacy. 

4. Linen Fabric 

One of the trendiest curtain fabrics of 2018 is linen. You are sure to appreciate its durability. It is a lightweight fabric that is perfect for all seasons of the year. In the hot summer months, it absorbs some of the heat, which keeps a room cool. In the winter, it blocks some of the cold air from penetrating the space as well. If you like the look of linen, but want something more durable and easier to care for you can also look at some of the polyester based faux linen curtain options available. These products are very difficult to tell from the real thing and are extremely hardwearing and are not as susceptible to color fading as the real thing.

5. Bring the Outside Indoors 

Some of the most popular window coverings of 2018 have nothing to do with curtains. Some designers are hanging shutters on the inside of windows. Although this may seem a bit unconventional, it is a great way to bring a cozy feeling to a space. Distressing the paint will provide a contemporary barn look as well. 

6. Patterns, Patterns, Patterns 

In 2018, patterns are big for curtains. Geometric shapes and various designs add interest to window coverings and bring a creative touch to a room. Chevron patterns are especially popular. The arrow-like figures will attract the eye and will make the curtains become the focal point of the room. It is wise to keep the walls and the other accessories plain so that the pattern does not overwhelm the space. 

7. Neutrals for 2018 

Many people like to keep their homes filled with neutral colors so that the drapes and the furniture blend. Instead of using whites, tans, and blacks, many designers are starting to use shades of gray for curtains. In 2018, slate and charcoal hues are considered the “new” neutrals. 

8. Do Not Be Afraid of Metal 

Various metals are being featured in all aspects of interior design for 2018, especially with the increased popularity of rich colors. The look is mimicking the appearance of jewelry. Many window treatments are blending deep colors with metallic elements. Metallic threads are shining through fabric and are adding some sparkle to a room. Many of these curtains are being hung from stainless steel rods. Steel is shiny and brings a modern feel to a home. 

9. Natural Elements 

People are trying to live greener, so they are adding eco-friendly fabrics and materials to their homes. If you love being out in nature, this year is a great time to incorporate organic materials into your window coverings. For example, bamboo is a hot item that is being used to construct blinds. If you prefer the look of fabric, hang a sheer drape over the wood. 

10. Create Island Flair 

If you love the beach and want to transform a room into a private oasis, decorate the windows with tropical flair. The curtains do not have to be ornate. Even a simple valance with scalloped edging will provide the feeling of an island cabana. 

11. Welcome to the Jungle 

If you have never considered decorating your windows with animal prints, this is the time. In 2018, designers are using these prints everywhere. However, in place of bold and vibrant contrasts, the newest fabrics contain more muted colors. For instance, brown and black cheetah prints are being created with bluish hues. This offers a softer appearance. 

12. Unique Personalization 

Your home should represent your personality. For 2018, customized draperies are trending. Nothing needs to be fancy. With a new pair of curtains and some items from the craft store, you can create a unique window covering that fits with your home decor and updates a room’s appearance. If you like the beach, attach some shells to the bottom of your curtains. For a more elegant look, string some beads to the edges. 

The above curtain trends are popular for 2018. If you are trying to give your home a small makeover, you can update your window coverings. With a little effort, you can transform your space into something amazing.