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The situation in the living room or, for example, the bedroom can be changed at least every day. In the bathroom, for technical reasons, it will fail. Only one way out: to design the interior so that it remains relevant in the years ahead. We hope that our dossier to help you. Here we are presenting you 22 beautiful bathroom designs that will change your mind.
House in Mauritius

Apartment in Bangkok

House in England

House in Bali

House in South Africa

House in Australia

House in France

House in Ireland

House in England

Bathroom in Paris apartment

Apartment in Paris

House in Sao Paulo

Apartment in Paris

House in France

House in Bruges

Home in Lugano

Loft in Paris

House in London

Guest house in the Sursock Palace, Beirut

House in Johannesburg

Lodge in Tanzania

House in Morocco

All pictures from Ad Magazine