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The prospect of owning a futuristic,
eco-friendly and efficient roofing system is appealing for so many reasons.
However, roofs have been changing drastically over the years for some time. If
you were to go back in time and present some of the roofing installations we
have today, they’d appear to certainly appear strange.
On the other hand, slate and thatched roofs
have been around for some generations. With developments in clay and other
materials, we have bene introduced to the prospect of having flat roofs rather
than the traditional V shape. So what can we expect from roofs of the future?

Power from Paint

We’re already quite using to seeing solar
power being harnessed thanks to photovoltaic installations on roofs. Both
domestic properties and businesses take advantage of these to save money in the
long run. However, there have been many futuristic concepts put in place that
could potentially overtake the solar panels we are used to, including solar
This solar paint is made of quantum dots that
form a paste-like substance and make electricity with the help of sunlight. At
the moment, this exciting paint isn’t as effective as traditional solar panels,
so there’s still some work to do to replace what we’re already using.
There’s even the possibility that an entire
side of a house and not just the roof could be covered in this paint, which
would turn a house into a hi-tech solar panel in itself. Certainly an
interesting prospect…

Roofing Installations

One of the biggest problems a homeowner
will face in the long term is the constant maintenance that is required for a
flat roofing installation. The traditional felt membrane and rubber coverings may
well be moved aside, with some companies producing rubber that can be applied
to flat roofs as well as garages, sheds and outbuildings.
Even the worst of elements can be withstood
with the help of rubber as it is highly durable. Rubber shingles have also been
produced and these have proved to be lighter and easier to install that normal

Roofing Installations

Of all the futuristic roofing ideas and
concepts that are already in place and look set to emerge as frontrunners in
the industry, green roofs are by far the most popular. Building such as Canary
Wharf are already utilising this concept and as techniques develop, we could
well see homeowners and builders have similar capabilities for their own
Waterproof membrane is installed onto a
roof and on top of this a layer of grass, shrubs and moss is planted. Thanks to
many roofing installations being flat and quite capable of having waterproof
membranes installed, it would be possible for any existing building to
incorporate a green roof.
Green roofs are hugely popular thanks to
their potential contribution to the environment. They would provide much-needed
habitats for birds and insects and also create all-important green spaces in
areas where the vast majority of green has been wiped out due to building
construction. The roof gets the sunlight and water it needs as any domestic
garden would and the urban island heat effect means that plants and shrubbery
will thrive.

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