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Before telling you about the best air purifier and how it works we would first talk a bit about the reasons why you need an air purifier. You see, we all want to live and lead a happy and healthy life and sometimes even if we are doing everything we can for our health, we still end up being a victim to a horrible disease. Now, that makes us wonder that where exactly were we wrong or what’s that one factor that we overlooked  about our health? Today in this article you will know the major cause behind several diseases and don’t worry because we will tell you a solution to it too.

You see we humans rely on oxygen and the air around us, it is said that we breathe almost 35 pounds of air every day and that is quite a lot to take in. Now, we are always careful about the food we eat or the drinks we consume but what goes wrong when it comes to the air? Have you ever thought of it that the air in which you are breathing, it goes directly into your lungs? Well, we are pretty sure that most of you have never cared about the cleanliness and purification of the air around you. But now, it is high time that you start paying heed to this matter or else you will start seeing consequences for it.

Here are 3 more reasons that tell that you need to get an air purifier as soon as possible;


Air purifiers are there to bring your allergies to an end. You see there are times when we start having a runny nose or itchy eyes or skin without any reason and if this happens to you quite often then know that you are allergic to something that is in the air. The air around you contains several tiny dust, dirt and other airborne particles and these particles are invisible to the naked eye which is where the problem begins. Now, if you or someone in your house is allergic to these particles then it’s high time for you to bring Blueair Brand air purifier in your house to bring the diseases and the allergies to an end.


Asthma is one of the most common and one of the most dangerous diseases of the world. It just takes a few seconds for the person to start having problem in breathing and that can actual be fatal too. Now, what triggers asthma are the airborne particles, you never know which allergy or which particular particle can give you an asthma attack.  Now if you have an asthma patient in your house then make sure that you get them an ozone free air purifier because you have to make sure that the air around them is clean enough that it won’t trigger asthma.

3-Cigarette Smoke

More than half of the population of the world smokes and the number of smokers is now increasing at an alarming rate. Cigarettes are not only destroying your lungs in fact they are also destroying the air around you and all the smokers are somehow participating in polluting the air whether it is indoor or outdoor. Your kids and your family all are at a great risk to fall victim to various diseases because cigarette smoke contaminates the air at a whole another level and that is where the problem is. Now, in order to make sure that the air in which you breathe is clean, you need an air purifier so that no harmful chemicals and no harmful particles go inside your body.

These are the three main reason why people now need an air purifier. Even if you don’t have an asthma patient or a smoker, you still should get one of purifier because again, you have no idea what a contaminated air can do to you.