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Everybody seems so keen about decorating their homes,
and quite rightly so. With beauty, comfort and luxury around, everybody feels
more relaxed and happy. However, there appears to be some contradiction in how
people are focused in beefing up the ambiance of their living rooms, while
ready to compromise on furnishing of dining rooms. There is much more to decorating
a dining room than filling it with a set of dining table and chairs. In fact, there
are many aspects that should be taken into consideration if you are looking to
do justice to dining room decoration. So, here I am with 3 Major Aspects of
Dining Room Decor Other than Furniture Selection to give you a better
understanding of the topic along with some great inspiration. 

Dining Room Decor

1  Colour Palette

Choosing an appropriate colour palette is of primary
importance in getting a dining room decorated deservedly. In doing so, never
assume that because you love a particular shade, it would look fine on dining
room walls or go well with dining room furniture. Rather, you should consider
what type of ambiance you want to have in there. Are you looking to nurture a
formal ambiance or you want more of a casual look? Do you want to have a
traditional environment or is it the contemporary tone that is more like your
thing; because every colour has its own character and persona. So, you better determine
your preferences before you finally pick up a colour palette for your dining
room. Just observe how colour palettes can transform the look of the entire
room in this amazing selection regarding dining room decor.
Colour Palette

2  Linens and Draperies

Though it might not seem like much of a business, but
it will amaze you how tweaking with linens of your dining room furniture can
impact the whole decor of your dining space. With the help of linens, you will
not only be able to add a distinct spark to the decor of the room, but these
will also help protect your furniture from the effects of dust or wear and
tear. Same holds true for draperies; they can uplift or diminish the mood of
the whole decor in any room. Moreover, they also enable you to control the
amount of natural light that comes in through the room. In the spring, you
would love the curtains drawn, while in the extremes of winters and summers,
you would love them to cover the windows to protect you from the harshness of
the weather.


3   Lighting

Another major aspect of dining room decor other than
the furniture pieces you choose is lighting. Resorting to dimmers for your
dining area can be quite a good idea. This can help you in varying between bright
and friendly to cosy and intimate ambiances in your dining space. Moreover, you
can also look to add a chandelier over the dining table to make an instant
focal point. More variations in lighting can be achieved with draping and
undraping curtains to control the amount of natural light in the room.



It is very important for you to realise that overall
decor of a room is a combination of different aspects of decoration playing
well together. And these simple and effective tips can help you greatly in
achieving a great dining room decor.