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Building a home of your dreams is an inside out process. You need to take care of the interior and exterior part of the property. In the whole process, most people forget about the garage door. It is a significant visible part of the home. Do you really want to put a dent in the beauty of the home? It is better to keep an eye out for all the problems with your garage door. If needed, get it replaced while you are renovating the whole home!

There are numerous companies like Attenborough Doors that takes care of your garage doors from the word “go”.  From installation to maintenance and repairs, these companies take care of it all. Always keep in mind that a faulty garage door can ruin your dream house! So, do not take any risk. Just keep an eye out for some signs that point to the fact that a garage door replacement or repair is needed.

What are the Common signs that Point towards a Garage Door Repair/Replacement?

Garage doors are an integral part of your home! So, you will need to keep them in perfect shape. Companies help take care of your garage doors, but they can help you only if you ask for it. The professionals know that you are no expert at garage doors, so they want to help. Here are some common problems with the garage door that should be taken as a sign for replacement or repair:

  1. Hindrance in Opening and Closing of the Garage Door: If you find that the door is not operating smoothly, you will have to call in the experts. You cannot oil your garage door to make it work smoothly. There are numerous reasons for this problem to occur like improper connection between the door and the control panel. Another common issue is malfunction, because of faulty installation the first time. But, before you call in the professionals just have a look if something is blocking the door.
  2.  Wait for an Open Garage Door is Too Long: Did you fall asleep waiting for the garage door to open? If you said yes, then the door is not responding to your command properly. It usually takes a second or two for the garage door to start responding. There should not be any delay in the opening or closing of the door. A delay in response can point towards a malfunction. Do not take any risks; call the experts to have a look. You are renovating, get the job completed during the renovations!
  3.  Sagging Section in the Garage Door: Disconnect the opener from the door and open the door manually. Next, bring the door midway and leave it! The door should swing open on its own. The same test needs to be run for closing the garage door as well. If you see no movement of the door past the midpoint, there is definitely something wrong with the door. This check needs to be run at least once a month! Such a problem can only be solved with the help of a professional. Fidgeting around with the garage door can lead to hefty expenses for fixing the door!

These are the major problems that you must look out for. There are some minor ones as well, like:

  • Excessive noise, while opening or closing the door
  • The door comes off the tracks while opening or closing it

You can always check the hinges, springs, cables and rollers. But, it is a good idea to leave the work to the professionals. If you ignore these issues and let them persist, all your hard work behind building a dream home will go down the drain. Keep an out for these issues and have the garage door replaced or repaired as soon as possible!