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Many homeowners disregard mold as an unsightly nuisance and nothing more. But did you know that some types of mold can be extremely dangerous to you and your family? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, more than 45% of the air we breathe every day comes from the basement and the crawl spaces inside our homes. Another shocking piece of date is that more than 78% of all US households have a toxic mold infestation.

Not convinced yet?

Mold is known to cause serious health issues ranging from skin, eye and throat irritations, to rashes, asthmatic attacks, painful headaches and serious respiratory issues. Children, seniors and people with weak immunity are particularly at risk of suffering from any of these issues.

Therefore, it is important that you call in a mold removal expert as soon as you find any signs of mold infestation in your home. Many homeowners will say you don’t need to pay anyone to get the mold off your walls, as there are many mold removal products on the market. But that’s only partially true. While they can help remove the visible mold from your walls, the root of the infestation is usually buried deep inside your walls.

That is one of the reasons mold removal should be handled by professionals. Here are some more:

Mold Removal Experts Can Eliminate the Root of the Problem

As we mentioned, washing the mold off the walls using special products or bleach is not always effective. Depending on how much the mold has spread, this usually gets rid of the visible mold, the spores through which mold reproduces and grows are still alive and dormant. Then, at the first sign of moisture, they start to develop and spread once again.

Professional mold removal involves eliminating the spores to completely eradicate the infestation. Professionals have the right equipment to find the source of the mold and eliminate both the surface infestation and the root of the issue. Mold removal experts will also apply a special product called a protectant to prevent the mold from infesting the critical areas of your home again.

Professionals Will Repair the Damage Caused by Mold

Sometimes the infestation has its teeth so deep into your home that replacing some surfaces is the only way to effectively get rid of it. While some areas like the carpet, air ducts or floorboard can be cleaned, others like ceilings or drywall might have to be completely replaced. And replacing them is not something even the most experienced, DIY-savvy homeowner should tackle on their own.

Professionals Care about Everyone’s Safety

Some types of mold can be toxic to our body. For example, the mycotoxins that spread from theblack mold can cause serious health issues. Depending on how severe the infestation is, the removal risk can be greater. That is why professionals have the right protective gear for the job. They also follow certain protocols to ensure nobody in your family gets in touch with the dangerous toxins during or after the removal process.