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Many of us will have had our kitchens for years and years but, once we get used to something being in our home and we see it every day, it can be tough to know when to replace it.

If you’re thinking about replacing your kitchen but you’re not sure that it’s the right time, our 3 signs that it’s time to replace your kitchen might just give you the motivation you need to change one of the most important rooms in your home.

 You don’t like it anymore

Do you find yourself going out to dinner more than you really should? Do you hate having family and friends over because you don’t want them to see your kitchen? Does your stomach sink every time you walk into your kitchen? These are all classic signs that you need to update your kitchen.

We spoke to kitchen experts, Lakeland Kitchens, who said: “A kitchen is supposed to be a place where you can feel comfortable and happy, being able to cook your food surrounded by good vibes. If your current kitchen can’t provide you with this most basic feeling then we suggest that you try replacing it with something better suited to you.”

 Your kitchen doesn’t suit your lifestyle

If your kitchen impacts on your lifestyle in a negative way, it’s time to replace it. Perhaps you love hosting dinner parties but the location of your kitchen makes you feel isolated from your guests, or maybe you love to cook but you barely have enough room to chop an onion. These are perfectly acceptable reasons to change your kitchen.

You might have young children and don’t deem you current kitchen safe enough to prevent accidents or it may be too big for you to keep on top of as you get older. Even if other people think your kitchen is lovely, if it’s not right for you and your lifestyle then it’s time that you change things up a bit.

If you want some inspiration on how your new kitchen can enhance your desired lifestyle, here are some popular kitchen styles.

It’s bringing down the value of your home

It’s not wise to wait until you want to move to start trying to increase the value you of your home; you never know when you may need to put your house on the market. If your kitchen is bringing down the value of your home (which is likely if it’s dated), it’s probably time that you upgrade it.

An outdated or dishevelled kitchen could really put off a potential buyer as well. If you’re thinking of moving and want to update your kitchen for that reason only, we recommend having a chat with an estate agent and/or a kitchen designer so that they can tell you which sort of kitchens will bring up your property’s value.

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