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One fence design that is on the rise in terms of popularity,
is a Split Rail Fence but why?
Is it because of its minimalistic, rustic and organic
appearance? Or its easy install? I’d say it’s a combination of both!

But now you may be wondering, “is a split rail fence installation really that easy?” and the answer is: yes. In this brief article I’ll
address 3 areas of importance when building a split rail fence of your very

 #1: Always plan ahead

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” – Alan Lakein

There’s nothing worse than drawing up your plans, getting
estimates on materials, and getting ready to build only to realize that there
is something impeding your building process. Common issues are HOA regulations
and codes, underground powerlines or utility lines, and even property lines.
With that in mind, contact your city and neighbors prior
to building
to ensure that your fence will be up to code and adheres to
any special requirement or specification.
Also be sure that your material count is either accurate, or
a little over. It’s better to have extra materials than needing to go back to
your supplier and picking up more. Contact a local lumber supplier for quotes
and estimates.

 #2: Starting Your Split Rail Fence Installation

Once you have your materials and have checked with your
neighbors and HOA, you’re ready to start building! When it comes to the
necessary tools, the list is quite short:
Post hole digger
Gravel or Concrete
Tape Measure / String
It’s always a good idea to lay out your posts and rails
where they will be placed so you can have a rough idea of what your finish
project will look like. It will also help you avoid any building blunders or
Builder’s Tip: While some people
like gravel for securing post holes, concrete is another alternative. It’s
cheap, easy to use and will provide better stability in high speed winds (a
variable that can be more or less of a factor depending on where you live).

 #3: Performing the Install

As mentioned before, the best feature of a Split Rail Fence
is that it’s incredibly easy to install. Your rails will slide right into the
pre-drilled slots in the posts and the posts go right into the ground – secured
with gravel or concrete.
That means you’ll only need to dig appropriate holes for the
posts and make sure they are all balanced and even using your level. No nails
or screws, think of it as a puzzle and you’re just putting the pieces together.
Builder’s Tips: Always start with
your end posts and be sure that each section is at least 8 feet apart. You can go
up to 11 foot spacing, but note that larger spanning sections won’t be as
secure as shorter ones. Also, always use a level to make sure your fence is
balanced, even and consistent.

Concluding Thoughts

Split Rail Fence installation
is an incredibly easy project to complete, regardless of your DIY skill level.
The minimal tools, workable materials and simple design is just what homeowners
are looking for nowadays.