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for some alternative garden ideas to enhance your current garden, or looking to
just add some greenery to your world? 
Well here are three garden ideas that can help expand your garden by
working its way up from the ground, sitting in the shade or confined to a


Vertical Garden
vertical garden is basically just a garden that isn’t based on the ground. If
you haven’t heard of this term “vertical garden” before, you have likely seen
one of some variety before. Most commonly this takes the form of vines or moss
growing up the side of a building, or an archway covered in vines. The whole
idea is to bring the plants up off of the ground.
adding some vertical garden elements to your existing outdoor garden, or by
creating a vertical garden indoors, you are adding an interesting element of
greenery to your space,” said Chris Ochs, spokesperson for a Minnesota
landscaping company.

“The use of glass terrariums is becoming increasingly popular. These work great
with succulents and are eye catching. Plus, this is a wonderful way to bring
some plants inside the home.”
Shade Garden

shade garden is basically a garden that is planted in an area that doesn’t
receive much sunlight. So if you have a spot in your yard that has heavy tree
cover, but would still like to add a garden, you will just have to be mindful
of the types of plants that you use,” said Dan Michura of Tree Squad, a Minneapolis
tree service
. “All
of the plants will have to be able to live with little sunlight. You can still
have a wide variety of flowers and greens—you must pay
special attention to what grows best under the shade. For example, amethyst
flowers, Creeping Jenny, and geraniums can all grow healthily in a shade
Container Garden

container garden is a mini-sized garden in a pot that represents any variety of
plants that you would find in an in-ground garden. A container garden is fun because
you get to display a small piece of your garden style, just like you would a
piece of art. Using medium, large, or over-sized pots, you can create endless
combinations of container gardens. Some of the most interesting are ones that
have a variety of height in the plants. Combining a short flower, medium leafy
green plant, and some tall grasses will give your garden a lovely contrast. Since
these are potted gardens, you can place them anywhere. A popular variation on
container gardens is stacking them, which can be accomplished easily with a
metal rod through the hole in each pot, with them ascending from largest on the
bottom to smallest on the top. You can use them as an accent piece on your
front porch or you can use it as a centerpiece in your outdoor garden.
plants into our lives is natural and healthy. They clean our air and they make
our surroundings look beautiful. By adding one of these ideas to your garden,
you are sure to add variety to your enjoyment of your flowers and foliage.