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When looking at all the potential options for
choosing a new kitchen, what we can choose is largely dependent on our time
scale and our budget. However with the recent rise in popularity of bespoke
kitchen designers, more and more people are able to create the kitchen of their
dreams for a reasonable price; due to the knowledge passed on from the

A bespoke kitchen designer has much to offer
people looking for a new kitchen renovation. Whether you are interested in a
traditional kitchen style or you want to transform your kitchen into a
futuristic or contemporary kitchen, they will suit their service to meet your
needs. They can provide essential advice on which styles best fit what kitchens
and more. So in what ways can an interior designer actually save you money?

1.   They Can Offer Reasonable Alternatives

You might have your heart set on a certain
material for your worktops and flooring. It looks beautiful, it has a great
shine and it is of a high quality. The only issue is the price. If you request the
assistance of a personal interior designer, they have a working knowledge of a
wide range of different materials ideal for kitchen flooring and kitchen
worktops. They can offer reasonably priced alternatives, or a similar looking
material that is both sturdy and less expensive, giving you the choice.

Other interior designers may have connections to
a supplier where you can get the more expensive material for a discounted price
in bulk. They offer a wide range of different solutions and can often help you
in ways you mightn’t have thought of.

2.  They Double Check Their Figures

When you buy a pre-assembled set of kitchen
units, they normally come in set sizes. If those sizes don’t match the design
or the style of your kitchen, you can be stuck. What do you do; buy a whole new
kitchen unit or just live with a set of cupboards that jut too far over the

With an interior designer, you don’t have any
fitting worries. They will double and triple check their figures to make sure
every unit fits perfectly. They also help you to create a kitchen design that
is perfect for you, offering expert storage solutions and providing advice on
how you can work around certain teething problems (such as space and light)

3.    They Have Experience of What Works
Well Together and What Doesn’t

How many times have you bought something
that you thought would look lovely, either a piece of artwork, a pair of shoes
or a pair of new curtains, that looked simply awful once you’d gotten them
home? The same thing can happen with kitchen designs. It might look beautifully
laid out in the store, but it might look terrible when applied to your tiny
kitchen. An interior designer will be able to visualise how certain units work,
offering advice on how to best fit certain styles together to great effect.

A professional designer will also be able
to provide advice on the latest fashions and styles. For example, you may want
a certain style of worktop, but your designer has noticed that it doesn’t fit
the wallpaper you’ve got planned for the kitchen. These kind of decisions can
save a lot of money in the long run.

If you’re looking at spending a bit more
money in getting a bespoke kitchen design, why not splash out a little more an
enlist the help of a professional designer to fit it all together for you. They
have a working knowledge of the industry, will be able to provide imperative
advice and often offer expert solutions to problems you might not have known
even existed. If you are spending the extra money on a bespoke design, then it
is worth it just to be safe. Just think of how pleased you will be with your
finished kitchen, which you can enjoy for many years to come!

Article provided by www.furnishedbyanna.co.uk; an
interior designer providing cost-effective designs for all types of homes,
based in Kent since 2008.