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The spring is a time of renewal. It’s a chance to get a fresh new start, too. Who doesn’t welcome that? If you want your spring to be particularly energizing and exciting, it can help to go for a nice bathroom overhaul. These four decoration options can make your bathroom look picture perfect starting in March or April.

Paint Your Bathroom Walls

Painting your bathroom walls can change its look significantly. If you want to update your bathroom for the new season, go for light and fresh colors. Pastel colors can work beautifully. Light blue can be ideal for the springtime. It can also be fitting for other times of the year.

Invest in a Wall-Mount Sink

Space is often a big concern in bathrooms. If your bathroom just doesn’t seem roomy enough, however, there actually is something you can do. Install a wall-mount sink to establish the illusion of extra space. Say farewell to a bulky sink that’s taking up too much real estate in your bathroom. Remember, the spring months are all about freedom and abandoning boundaries.

Decorate Your Toilet with a Lid Cover

The toilet is one of the focal points in any bathroom. People know they’re all about functionality. Some companies, like Ben Franklin Plumbing Services, know that they also can offer aesthetic advantages, too. If you want to decorate your toilet and make it look as gorgeous as the rest of your bathroom, try getting an attractive lid cover that matches your overall design scheme. There are many sturdy toilet lid covers that come in springy and energizing colors such as pale pink, yellow and light blue.

Combine Diverse Textures and Prints

Do you want to design an innovative and modern bathroom for the spring? Think about combining diverse textures and prints. Boldness and the spring months go hand in hand, after all. It can be nice to buy a rug that has a lot of texture. It can be nice to focus on bathroom accents that are made of sleek and cool metal, too. The blend of soft textures and streamlined materials can be quite interesting. If you rely on numerous patterns and prints, focus on one basic theme color.

Are you a creative type who loves the joy of the springtime? Start thinking about upgrading your bathroom today. Decorating your bathroom for the spring can be exhilarating and relaxing. Try to concentrate on colors that make you feel cheerful and bouncy.