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To cool, or not to cool – that is the question. At least, it’s the question that faces many people who are interested in renting a self-storage unit. And it’s a good question to ask – especially because climate controlled storage units are more expensive to rent.
If you do rent a climate controlled storage unit, a system of HVAC cooling and heating systems will keep it at a constant temperature – usually between 55°F and 88°F. The reason these units are more expensive is obvious. These systems must function 24/7 and consume quite a bit of power, making them more expensive to run.

Despite the fact that climate controlled individual storage units are usually more expensive to rent, they can still be a wise choice for your storage needs. To help you make your decision, we’ve put together a quick list of the 4 biggest benefits of choosing a climate controlled storage unit. Read on.

  1. Lower Chances Of Mold, Corrosion, And Vermin

Climate controlled units offer a much more stable environment than traditional, drive-up storage units. The huge temperature and humidity swings that are common throughout most of the US can cause issues like excessive moisture or heat in traditional storage units. 

In turn, the high temperatures and humidity that can occur in traditional storage units can cause a number of issues. Mold tends to grow more readily in a dark, moist, warm environment, and metals like steel and iron can corrode when exposed to excessive humidity for long periods of time.

Climate controlled units integrate humidifiers and HVAC systems that reduce humidity and provide a stable environment for your stuff, eliminating the risk of mold growing on your stuff, and potential corrosion or rusting of metal items. 

Climate controlled storage units also generally provide better protection against pests, as they’re located inside large buildings that are constantly treated for vermin like rats, cockroaches, and moths. 

  1. Interior Location And Increased Security Allows For Long-Term Storage 

Climate controlled storage units are typically located indoors in large, well-monitored buildings. This provides an extra layer of protection and security for your stuff. Any potential thief will have to break through several levels of security in order to gain access to your storage locker, and risk being caught by interior security cameras while doing so.

Thieves are also less likely to target interior storage lockers, due to their location. At a “drive-up” locker, it’s easy to move large volumes of heavy stuff like furniture into a waiting truck or van. This is not the case if a thief has to lug your stuff through a storage facility.

Because it’s more risky, difficult, and less cost-efficient to target climate controlled facilities, thieves will rarely do so – meaning your stuff is safe for long-term storage.

  1. More Comfort When Moving Your Stuff

Climate controlled storage lockers are much more comfortable than open-air, non climate controlled units.

Whether you’re moving some of your stuff in the dead of winter or the heat of summer, the environment of a climate-controlled storage locker provides you with comfort while you move your stuff.

While this may sound like a silly reason to get a climate-controlled unit, it should not be overlooked. Especially in the summer, the heavy lifting and hot temperatures of open storage lockers can pose a threat to your health – and certainly your comfort.

Moving your stuff is often stressful, and compounding that stress with a hot, uncomfortable experience is a recipe for disaster.

  1. Temperature Extremes Won’t Threaten Your Delicate Items 

This is probably the most important reason you should invest in a climate controlled storage unit. Climate controlled storage units provide increased protection against the elements for delicate items. After all, what good is saving a few bucks on a non climate controlled storage locker if you end up damaging half of your stuff?

Items that can be damaged by extreme temperature variabilities include:

  • Collectibles – Antiques, artwork, wine, classic cars, heirlooms, and other such vintage items.
  • Electronics – Audio equipment, cameras, sensors, stereos, computers, and other electronic equipment.
  • Household/Personal Items – Appliances, books, furniture, clothing, and family history records.
  • Media – Cassettes and CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, photo negatives, photo albums, and slides.

This is far from a comprehensive list. The only way to ensure that your items are properly cared for and are not damaged while stored is to invest in a climate controlled storage unit.

The Bottom Line? Climate Controlled Storage Is Crucial For Your Long-Term Storage Needs

If you’re only renting a storage locker for a month or two – say, after a move – you probably don’t need a climate controlled storage locker. However, if you plan on using your storage locker for more than a few months, you should absolutely be investing in climate-controlled storage.

Without climate controlled storage, you risk the destruction of some of your most valuable stuff – nullifying the purpose of renting a storage locker in the first place. Not only that, you’ll enjoy increased security and comfort when moving and managing your stuff – and that’s a win-win-win!