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Designing the
living room is quite a tricky task and might accumulate a lot of brainstorming.
The basic behind room designing is creating a space that is appealing to the
guests as well as to your family. 
According to the painters in
, here are a few mistakes that you should never make while
handling the living room decoration:
•   Afraid of Colors 

Homeowners are
afraid of experimenting with colors in living rooms. There is no question of
being afraid of the colors. Get rid of the muted and neutral colors and try
some magic colors on your wall. The best bet is keeping the wall colorful and
the furniture muted.  Deep navy blue and
grayish-blue work with almost everything and you can have it without being bored.
Moreover, reckon the fact that you do not have 
to stick to one decoration style. Mix and match various ideas to keep
the looks fresh and bold.
·   Wrong Furniture layout

To make the room
look bigger, homeowners push the whole furniture to the wall, which is a wrong
practice. You stay in that house, and it needs to appear livelier. So, pull
some of it towards the center. This will create an open pathway and will not
even block the beautiful window-view of the house.
·   Wrong color selection

Sharp colored
walls and neon furniture is nowhere near a great match. Well, you have to keep
the tiny details of the house in mind. Make sure that whatever color you have
on the wall should match the interior. If you are not sure of the color
combination, take help from the painting contractors, they will guide you with each step of the paint
selection. A thorough study of the interior is done and then only, the wall
color is selected.
·   Wrong Lightening

lighting in the living room is not a good choice. Go for some lamp-level
lighting to brighten the focused areas. These days, you can experiment a lot
with the home lightings, so, do not be afraid of it and enjoy a beautifully lit

Keeping the
above points in mind will let you decorate your home in the most appropriate