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A granny flat is an excellent way to extend your living space or boost your income.

If you are thinking of adding a new granny flat to your home, here are some great decorating tips to make it an inviting and comfortable space to use.

1.Creating a sense of light and space

A granny flat is often a small area. One of the most important factors to remember when decorating the flat, is how to make it look bigger and feel more spacious. Painting the walls stark white is not the only option for this. Using bold or sharp colours can give a sense of space and light to a room. White walls with an undertone of yellow, blue or green can also make it appear larger.

Colour can also be used in non-paint ways too, so that a room appears more spacious. Using different shades of the same colour in fabrics, furniture and even accessories gives it cohesion-which gives the sense of more spaceand not to mention comfort.

2. Storage
Storage space is a common issue that comes up when deciding to decorate a living space. In a small flat it is even more important to think about this, as there generally is not very much and adding too much furniture can crowd an area. A few ways to get around this include:

· Mounted shelving

· Using the space under the bed -or getting a bed frame with draws underneath -very handy!

· coat racks and hooks in the bathroom, on the backs of doors and near the entrance

3. Pallet furniture

Pallet furniture is the latest craze -it is modern and edgy, cheap and recyclable. Not to mention really versatile-it could be a coffee table, book case, pallet coat rack or even an outdoor setting. The best thing is -this is a great DIY project – all you need is the pallet, some creativity and a few tools.

4. Adding an outdoor area 

Another great way to make your granny flat unique is (if you have the space) to add an outdoor area. A covered deck out the back or a courtyard to entertain guests or cook a barbecue will add value to the flat and make it more of a home. It has the added benefit of adding an extra living space -which is rare for a small flat.

With the help of these decorating tips you are well on your way to creating the art studio you’ve always wanted, the separate guesthouse for visitors or an inviting and comfortable flat for your granny.