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As more people start to work from home instead of in company offices, it makes sense for them to learn about smart design tips that will make them more efficient. If you work from a home office, use these four design tips to make your space a more productive location that will advance your career.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality has been linked to declines in workplace performance and productivity. Research suggests that improving air quality will make you a more productive person.

You have several options for improving your home’s indoor air quality. Some people use houseplants that remove pollutants from the air. Others clean frequently to remove allergens like dust and pet dander.

Few things will work better than using a high-efficiency HVAC system that constantly filters pollutants and allergens from the air. As long as you replace the system’s filter about once per month, you should find that your home office becomes a healthier place where you can concentrate on work.

Remove Clutter From Your Work Area

Some researchers have found evidence that clutter can prevent people from focusing on difficult tasks. If your home office has a lot of unnecessary items lying around, then you probably aren’t working as efficiently as possible.

You can remove clutter from your office by creating a filing system that keeps all of your documents in order. It also helps to label drawers and other storage areas so you know where everything goes. Since long computer cables can create havoc on your desk, choose short cables or use wireless devices that don’t require them.

Explore a variety of solutions to keep your office organized and clean.

Choose an Ergonomic Chair

You can’t concentrate on work if you’re constantly adjusting your chair or massaging a sore back. Ergonomic chairs can keep you focused by removing aches and pains.

With dozens of ergonomic chairs to choose from, you’ll need to sit in several before you decide which design works best for you. You can narrow your options by reading online reviews and getting recommendations from your friends.

Ergonomic chairs usually cost more than standard designs, but they will help you make more money in the long run.

Eliminate Noisy Distractions

On some days, working from home gives you a quiet place to reach your goals. On other days, you’re distracted by neighbors, pets, delivery trucks, and anything else that makes noise. A construction project on your road could keep you distracted for weeks or months.

You can eliminate noisy distractions by using a white noise machine or wearing noise-canceling headphones while you work. Noise-canceling headphones do the job well because they scan the environment for noises and create sound waves that counter those annoyances. If you get distracted by loud activity, you need a white noise machine or headphones that will give you a peaceful place to concentrate.

After you make these changes to your home office, you may discover other ways that you can improve your work environment. Feel free to make adjustments tha