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There are always different methods by which to spruce up your garage, be it exterior design options, organizational tips, or simple space-saving tricks. Not only will it keep your garage tidy, it can really increase up the aesthetic value of the home. It doesn’t matter if you’re a contractor or a humber do-it-yourselfer, this article can help you out. Here are some examples of low-budget options that can really improve your home’s garage.
1. Hang Up Everything you Can


If it can be stored on your walls or ceiling, that’s usually the best place for it. Not only will this free up floor space, it will keep your garage organized. Several homes have seen unique ceiling bins that can help reduce clutter, but be careful not to make them too heavy to lift above your head. Otherwise wall shelfs are a lifesaver when it comes to garage improvement. Feel free to experiment in your home and find out what approach best suits your needs. Any custom work you can think of might be your favorite option.
2. Magnetic Strips to Hold your Odds and Ends


Nothing organizes your nick nacks and smaller tools better than magnetic stripping. When you’re constantly in need of the little things for a project, just tap them on to the surface of the stripping and keep working. You can pull them off and reattach as needed over the course of the project. Not only does this keep your hands free and your work space uncluttered, everything’s right where you need it.
3. Break it Up into Different Sections


There are several “zones” which you can organize items into based on the size of the item and frequency of use. The first zone should be your transitional zone, just things that you need to grab in between your home and garage. Any jackets, boots, or backpacks can be left near the door for convenience’s sake. The second area should be for everyday items that are stored in the garage like canned goods and other things that you don’t want taking up space in the pantry. Third towards the back can be the storage for long, skinny items like shovels and rakes, while the fourth zone can be reserved for blatantly larger items that get in the way. Fifth zone can be for the more commonly needed items when dealing with a project, such as your wrenches, screwdrivers, and power tools. And finally, the last zone will be your work space, just a clear area to get stuff done.
4. Update your Old Garage Doors into Carriage Doors

You can remodel the exterior of your garage doors for just the cost of the hardware. Simply tack on four brackets and two handles to get that rustic carriage door look on your regular doors. It takes all of about twenty minutes and ten dollars to upgrade the look of your home to an elegant, classic aesthetic. While it’s true that the new design will not function as carriage doors, it can easily fool the majority of people at first glance. And the symmetry of the hardware is always a plus when it comes to curb appeal.

Article written by Sean Mahan, also a writer for ehardhat, a company that connects homeowners to reliable, affordable and professional contractors for their home improvement projects. Check more on Twitter.