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It seems that some people are destined to be great DIYers, they are taught the essential skills when they are young, and they always know what power tools are required to complete a particular project. Then there are the rest of us, who only learn our DIY skills later on in life. It is also likely that we have not inherited a whole shed of power tools to carry out all the projects we want to complete. So let’s take a look at the essential power tools that any aspiring home handyman should own.

For the purposes of this article, we will be counting cordless tools as being power tools. With today’s battery technology being what it is, cordless tools are more powerful than ever and can often replace corded tools.

Cordless Drill

Probably the most used tool in any handy man’s collection is a good cordless drill. The ability to act as a screwdriver, a drill and sometimes even a hammer drill makes this one of the most versatile power tools one can own. 

You will use a cordless drill in almost any DIY project you are working on, so add this to you ‘must have’ list.

One thing to note with cordless drills is that it pays to get a decent quality set. In my experience cheaper drills simply do not last, the batteries are always going flat, and they lose power quickly.

Circular Saw or Table Saw

If you intend on doing any woodwork, then a circular saw, or a table saw is a must have. This vital tool gives you the ability to cut timber neatly and quickly as well as the valuable addition of making miter cuts easy.

A circular saw is cheaper and more portable than a table saw, but you do need to set up a few extra jigs for long straight cuts.

While more expensive, a table saw is probably the better choice if you can fit it into your workshop as it will make those long cuts much easier.


Dremels were all the rage not long ago, and with good reason. A Dremel is extremely versatile and can be used in many different types of DIY projects.

Grinding, cutting, shaping, buffing and sanding are just some of the tasks that this awesome little tool can carry out.

Rotary Sander

Sanding is an important part of many DIY projects, but it is also one of my most hated jobs. Come on….no one likes manually sanding anything! This is what makes a good rotary sander such an essential tool.

A rotary sander will quickly and easily take care of most sanding jobs, just make sure you use the right sandpaper for the job, or you may find that you have taken too much off too quickly.

This completes our list of the most essential power tools for DIY projects. Whether you are building a garden bench, doing some basic renovations or painting that patio, these tools will be a huge help.

No, this is not a complete list of every tool you will ever need. But it is enough to get you started, and before you know it you will have a garage full of handy tools.