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For many people, their bedroom is a place to express their individual style and maximise comfort. From minimalistic designs that keep things clean, to rustic styles adding warmth and character, the flooring is a huge decision when you’re looking to redecorate.  That’s why the Home Decor Expert prepares a handful of clever ideas to help you add the dash of charms to your interior!

Interior design doesn’t favour one particular style of flooring; whether it’s a luxurious carpet or stunning wood flooring, there’s a look to match whichever you decide to choose. It can, however, be tough to make a decision with so many choices available. So, we’ve put together 4 of the most fashionable and trendy flooring options for your bedroom.

1. Grey Laminate

This is a great choice if you’re looking for a neutral backdrop to colourful accessories and furniture. Alternatively, it also looks great as a focal point in a minimalistic design. Compared to vinyl, laminate is a very durable flooring solution, made to withstand scratches and moisture from below (which prevents warping).

The neutral colour matches with most styles, and looks great when paired with a big rug for added comfort and warmth. The colour also creates a feeling of airiness, and makes the most of any natural light in your bedroom. And with easy click fitting, you can save money on installation costs and do it yourself.

2. Carpet Tiles

Your bedroom is your retreat after a long day, so it’s important to inject your own personal style. If you’re struggling to choose between colours that match with your ideal design, why not select a few from a complimentary colour palette and use carpeted tiles.

Carpet means you can add extra comfort by picking something that’s thick and feels soft underfoot which can be a great benefit when selling a property. Because you’ve got a larger variation to choose from, you’re faced with les limitations when making your decision. Plus, if a tile get damaged, they’re both easy and cost-effective to repair.

3. Distressed Wood

If your bedroom is aiming for a rustic style, distressed wood flooring is a style that’s been in fashion for a while. Ordinarily made from engineered wood, it’s durable whilst giving you an authentic and dated feel and it’s far easier for great sanding in the long term . Rather than getting rid of imperfections, distressed finishing accentuates them to bring out its natural character and charm.

Engineered wood is also resistant to warping when it comes to fluctuating moisture and temperatures. This means it’s compatible if you’re lucky enough to have underfloor heating in your bedroom, and it’s likely to withstand any potential moisture.

4. Herringbone Parquet

This is a style that’s been around for literally centuries. The earliest example comes from the 16th Century, and as with all trends it’s made its way back around to being at the forefront of fashion for 2018.

The traditional laying of herringbone parquet is seen as an art form in itself. The wood flooring comes in a range of colours to suit any existing style, and its durability means it will last for decades before needing to be refinished. This is definitely the style to watch this year, with a timeless elegance to match its ability to last a lifetime and beyond.

When deciding on the right bedroom flooring, people’s preferences depend entirely on individual needs. Whether you prioritise comfort or style, hopefully these suggestions will help you to find the ideal middle ground and the perfect flooring for your bedroom.