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Most typical homeowners tend to continuously improve their home or properties to protect it from any damage, maximize its longevity, adds appeal, and value to it.

Sure –doing home maintenance and improvement projects on your own can save you money, these include pressure washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and exterior painting. That should be okay – however, the problem is that there are some home improvement tasks or projects that need professional help.

In this article, let me show you some 4 home improvement projects that can actually cost you more money when you do them yourself – in short, not DIY (do-it-yourself) friendly.

1. Some home improvement projects need permit

Based on your location, a number of home improvement projects require permits that should be given by the city or town you’re in. Some permits will be depending on your local area’s ordinances, for example, if you’re planning to move or break grounds, the city will require you to have a permit.

Skipping the permit stage can cost you big time, why? It is because if your neighbor reports some wrongdoings in your property the city will conduct inspections. Some maintenance projects including pressure washing or roof cleaning don’t usually require permits from the city.

In addition, if you decide to rent or sell your house in the near future, the most real estate agent will require permits upon the transaction. You could seek for professionals who can help you get the right permit for your property improvement projects.

2. Removing Walls is a no-no

Most modern home architectural plans are better than the older ones, and this causes some homeowners are tempted remove and replace their wall on their old properties in order to make their home feel bigger and brighter – but you should never do it.

This is because some walls support the ceiling in your house and knocking it down will cause the roof to crash down and can eventually cause injuries or disasters and if that happens, it will definitely cost you tons and tons of money for a replacement. In addition, pressure washing and another washing method could also lessen the longevity of the wall as well so, get a professional to conduct a house inspection first.

3. Roof repair, replacement, and maintenance

Compared to electrical and plumbing jobs, roofing is an easy home or property improvement project and cleaning your roof yourself using methods like pressure washing or chemical washing is also ideal and a task like nailing roof shingles to a flat surface doesn’t usually require complex skills to do it. However, as one of the important part of your house’s maintenance, all tasks for roofing is better left to the professionals.

Imagine spending time scouring and scrubbing your roof for several hours just to make it algae and dirt-free –hassle and time-consuming right? Cleaning your own roof could cause structural damage without having any proper techniques and cleaning materials and thus, will cost you more for replacements and repair in the near future.

We strongly advise that you should hand it all over to the professionals because the contractor will definitely cost you less money compared to a surgeon or a surgeon – if you know what I mean.

4. Plumbing and Gas related Projects

Remodelling a kitchen or a bathroom requires plumbing and thus these home improvement project requires tons of money. Sure you can replace the showerhead, install a washing machine, or hookup a sink on your own with a good instruction manual and proper tool– but, I’ll assure you that you will always need a plumber to do the job.

On the other hand, installing a gas stove is crucial to doing the plumbing jobs. This is because gas, as we all know, is the number one cause of fire among all houses and kills more and more people each year if left unattended. Connecting a gas pipe into a stove sure is pretty easy but in just one mistake; it could cause a gas leak that will eventually result in explosion and fire which can cause death in the area.

One mistake can cause a big disaster. So if you don’t have the experience to do these crucial operations, you will definitely need to contact a professional in order to prevent any injuries, flood, or fire.


We all want to live in a house that is presentable, safe, and offers comfort and in order to achieve this, we should have essential DIY skills to save cash for smaller projects and seek professional help for complex and crucial projects if necessary.

As a homeowner, you should always know what are the best ways to not only improve your house but you should also ensure that all the home or property improvement projects are safe, effective, and cost-efficient as well.