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your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood is a fun way to keep things
looking fresh and interesting in your community. Here are four ideas that can
help you to start thinking differently about your roofing.
Garden Roof

known as green roofing, this is a very strong way to make a statement about
your home and a natural way to help the environment.
transforming your roof into green space, you will be a true advocate for sustainable
living. Garden roofs are not only environmentally friendly, but they can last
for many decades,” said Jessica Tesdall of Central
Roofing Company
“They are unsurprisingly leak-free and are very low maintenance. So if you are
ready to make a move toward sustainability, a garden roof is a fresh choice.”
Clay Tiles
A clay
tile roofis a wonderful way to make your home more noticeable. You may not have
a large color selection to choose from, but your neighbors are sure to notice
your unique style. Clay tiles are mostly known for being used on Spanish homes
and along the Mediterranean. By using them, your home will give off a European
and historic vibe. Not only do clay tiles make your home stand out in your
neighborhood, but they also last longer than the average roof. Most asphalt
shingled roofs last between fifteen to twenty years, but a tile roof can last
over fifty years. Plus, they are less maintenance than your average roof as
well. With tiles you get a nice cultural flare and a longer roof life.
Wood Shakes

“If you
are looking for a more natural look on the top of your home, wood shakes are a
great option,” said Barb Trebesch of Corporate
HVAC Service
, a
home improvement expert. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes in order to
give you the look you want. With a large variety of cuts, thicknesses, colors,
and widths, you are likely to have a one-of-a-kind roof that will make your
home stand out among the rest. Wood is tough and can stand strong in storms to
protect your home. With regular maintenance, wood shakes can last ten years
past your average asphalt roofing.
The Right Color
a color for your roof can be a “make it or break it” when it comes to the
aesthetics of the outside of your home. You want it to compliment your siding,
size, and landscaping of your property. Bright colors draw attention to your
home which can really show off some of the homeowners’ personality. By choosing
a neutral color, your home will blend in more with the environment and allow
you to highlight other features of your house or yard. Darker colored roofs can
make your home look smaller, so if you have a small home you might want to
consider choosing a light shade to make your home look larger.

If you
are starting to look for new roofing options, it’s okay to think outside the
box and go with something that will make the neighbors admire your home.