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Many people make the horrid mistake of neglecting their garden, leaving old undesirable furniture outside with rusty ladders poking out from the sheds and leaving the grass climbing sky high. Your garden should be like the cherry on top of a scrumptious cake because it’s your biggest connection to the outside world from the most comfortable place on Earth – your home. A beautiful home consists of a lovely interior that is complimented with a neat and lively garden that should be adorned with little personalised trinkets which reflect the ambience of your home. The first and most important step is to take out your dreaded lawnmower and rekindle a loving friendship with it, because you’re going to be using it numerous times throughout the year!


Once The Mess Has Been Cleared, It’s Now Onto The Fun Part.
A clean-cut lawn lavishly transforms your garden from looking dull and neglected to your own little paradise of joy. Pack away all the spare parts scattered around your garden into your shed because remember, your garden is nature’s delight taking residence within your home, not a litter-box for discarded items! Now that you’ve cleaned everything up, it’s now time to decorate your space and give it a personality.

1.Your Garden is Your Safe Haven. Use Chairs And Invite Yourself To Relax.

Chairs are especially important because not only do they act as decoration to liven up your garden, but they invite you to sit down and bask in the glory that is your home. Outdoor chairs come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from metal, plastic, timber and wood, aluminium or steel, depending on what you prefer. Choose between a sun-lounging chair where you can lean back, stretch your legs and get your bikini out for some backyard tanning, or a simple aluminium chair with a cushion propped on it for some relaxing down time in the shade. Take some time away for yourself in a house where the dishwasher is battling it out against the washing machine in competition to be the noisiest, where your children are chasing each other around and the television is cranked up to the loudest volume. Find your safe haven amongst your garden, pick the perfect chairs for your comfort and place it to your desire in the sun or under the shade.

2.      Treat Your Garden Like A Room. Invite People Over And Chat Under The Sun.

Many guests don’t get invited out into the garden, simply because it’s unconventional. Bedrooms are a little private and personal, the living room is for the younger ones where the fun and games happen, and the dining room and kitchen is where food is made and prepared. Transform your garden into the best catch-up place with some tables along with your chairs. Next time guests come over, invite them out to your backyard. Outdoor tables come in small and round counters for some intimacy, or large benches for bigger families that like outdoor gatherings, barbeques and parties. Enjoy the natural lighting of the Sun rather than the ceiling lights indoors, and the cool breeze that freshens up your day. Watch the kids play soccer in your backyard, or take a break after hanging up the laundry. Invite your friends over for a few beers, or catch-ups over coffee with outdoor tables that are bound to brighten up your garden!

3.      Decorate Your Garden With Pot Plants And Feel Inspired!

Gardening and planting flowers may feel a bit daunting, especially the realization that you have to water your flowers every day, take the weeds out and putting in so much effort for them to die prematurely can be disheartening. However, a garden needs colour and diversity for it to liven up! If you don’t have time to plant your own flowers and maintain them, invest in some pot plants. Pot plants are the best ideas to add personality into your garden and acts super effectively in brightening your backyard up! There’s a huge range of pot plants to choose from, including flowers, pines, stalks and shrubs. Pot plants are incredibly easy to maintain! You can forget about digging out weeds or accidentally stepping over your new garden bed and ruining them. Change up the look of your garden as pot plants are easy to move! Revamp the style of your garden and brighten up that dull corner with a beautiful pot plant adorning colourful flowers. They are small, meaning you don’t have to consistently water them, and they add special focus to magnify certain areas of your garden. Pot plants are definitely the number one investment to brightening up your safe haven.

4.      Transform Your Garden Into A Magical Dream After Sunset

When the sun begins to set, that’s usually when people close their back doors and retreat into the confines of their four walls inside the house. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Lights can effectively transform your garden into an outdoor park, which is especially wonderful in summer where the nights are warm and lively. There is a huge range of lights available at your local store that ranges from twinkling fairy lights, light post, or hanging lanterns! Magnify particular aspects of your garden by positioning these lights to enhance the favourite features of your backyard. Place hanging lanterns above couches and chairs, put light posts on the perimeter to illuminate the shape of your garden or surrounding pathways. Trail fairy lights around your patio or porch to give your backyard a dim and glowing affect after dark. You can even buy glowing pebbles to add a magical and fantasy touch to your backyard and soon, it will be your favourite place to hang out.
Tidying up your garden can go a long way, and adding these decorative touches can truly transform your house. Remember, your garden is as much a part of your house as your bedroom, or your living room! Discover a range of furniture for your outdoor space, and find innovative ideas to lighten it up!