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Redesigning or updating your kitchen is an
exciting, if somewhat daunting, time. Finally, you have the opportunity to have
exactly what you want, the kitchen of your dreams being within reach. But take
a moment to stop and think before you buy.

A new kitchen is a big decision. Being the
heart of the home, it’s where all the ups and downs of family life are played
out, so you need it to be the ‘right’ sort of space, whether that means a cool
contemporary kitchen or a traditional country kitchen.
A new kitchen is also a big financial
decision. What if you fall in love with a style that will be out of fashion in
6 months’ time?Careful consideration is needed to make sure your choice of
kitchen ticks all the boxes, now and in years to come.
1.  Go for quality
Trends come and go, but excellent
craftsmanship will give you many years of service. Spend most of your budget on
a good quality kitchen design with materials that are built to last, and then
make smaller changes as and when needed over the years to update the space.
That way, you will get the benefit of a great kitchen that’s always fresh and
up-to-the-minute while also getting the most out of your investment.
2.  Choose timelessness
True, it’s always easier to identify past
trends than to predict the longevity of current styles and designs. Think of a
typical 1980s kitchen – ornate wooden pelmets, little gallery rails, cathedral
arched doors offset with large beige tiles featuring coffee pots, perhaps in
blue and yellow…. Or the maple shaker doors of 1990s kitchens, with small
bright multi-coloured tiles and black granite worktops.
Fast forward to 2016 and you will find some
heart stopping, jaw dropping kitchen that are designed to wow you now – bright
yellow kitchens, anyone? Aubergine, or wenge? If you want to ‘future proof’
your choice of new kitchen, it’s a good idea to avoid all the latest trendy
styles and finishes that go with the ‘signature look’ of the time.
3.  Classic vs contemporary
Are you a town mouse or a country mouse?
This is probably the biggest style decision you need to take when you’re
choosing a new kitchen, and it all comes down to personality and how you live
your life.
Farmhouse kitchens ooze easy family living
and a timeless appeal that is hard to beat. Mix soft pastel hues with
traditional stone, wood and no nonsense appliances such as a range cooker and
Belfast sink, and you’re set for life.
At the other end of the spectrum is the
high gloss urban look, perhaps offset with stainless steel, looking unashamedly
futuristic by comparison. If you’re after a clean, unfussy, functional space
with a modern outlook, a minimalist design will appeal to you.
4.  Neutral tones
White, cream, grey, beige and all shades in
between have been the basis for countless classic and contemporary kitchen
ranges for many years, and there’s no reason why this should change anytime
soon. Neutral kitchens have a very long lifespan.
But before you recoil at the idea of a
‘vanilla’ kitchen, here’s the good news. Far from being boring, neutral
kitchens are the perfect blank canvas on which you can play with unique
combinations of colour, texture and material. Create a kitchen that can move
with the times in a way that’s personal to you.
Introduce bold colour by painting a wall in
fuchsia, or by investing in a set of bright orange crockery and utensils. If
you have a painted kitchen, you could change the colour of your kitchen
cupboards after a few years. Combine textures by mixing materials –stone, wood,
glass, metal, bamboo, textiles – to add interest that can easily be updated.Pot
plants, artwork, kitchen towels… there must be hundreds of ways you can inject
personality into your kitchen and re-invent the space time and again.
Now that’s value for money.

Article provided by Mike James, an
independent content writer working together with luxury design company Halcyon Interiors,
who were consulted over the information in this post.