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One of the people’s basic needs is shelter, and a good shelter requires protection that only leak-proof and durable roof can provide. Before investing on furniture or other home appliances, it is a must that you invest in long-lasting and quality roofing that are made by reputable manufacturers. A quality roof will perform its duty of protecting you from natural hazards including high temperatures, wind, storm, fire, hail, ice, and even snow.

It’s the same thing if you own a building or manage one. Quality roofing will reduce your business expenditure and maximize your profit.

After proper and industry-standard roof installation, a series of regular checkup and maintenance work should follow to ensure that your roof remains leak-free. Roof maintenance can bring multiple benefits, so it must be done properly.

Here are the benefits of home and commercial roof maintenance:

1. It will save you money.

During routine roof maintenance, you can spot punctures, scuffles, scratches and corrosion. These roofing problems are easy to solve and addressing them immediately will prevent leaks that can damage your ceiling and the framing of your house or your commercial property.

Sure, you will need to pay roofing service providers to inspect and maintain your roof, but the cost will be relatively smaller compared with having your roof replaced.

2. It will make your roof last longer.

Roof maintenance, if done right, can add more or less 15 years to the lifespan of your roof. Cleaning, repairing, checking the status of roof sealants and recoating the roof can prevent wear and tear and can be done by homeowners.

If problems are spotted during routine maintenance, make sure that you seek the help of professional roofing contractor before attempting to make temporary patch ups. DIY methodologies won’t work and can create bigger problems.

3. Avoid costly roof replacement and repair.

Since most roof problems can go undetected for a long time, proper roof maintenance ensures that you eliminate the risk of getting your furniture and your appliances wet during severe weather. Hurricanes and storms bring strong winds that can completely rip the roof off your house or commercial property, putting not only you, your family, and your business patrons at risk, but also other people who can get hit by the debris.

Remember, just because the roof was able to withstand a hurricane or strong storm doesn’t mean that it didn’t get damaged. Make sure that you check your roof after severe weather conditions and address the damages you have spotted immediately. This way, you can more expensive roof replacement and/or repair.

4. Maintain the look of your home

Because the roof is one of the most prominent parts of your house, people passing by can easily see if your roof is well-maintained. Roofs that are in good condition can give your house a great curb appeal.

These are just some of the benefits of regular roof maintenance. Apart from these, you can also get tax deductions during tax sessions, save on energy expenditure and increase the value of your house or property if your roof are well cared for.

Relying on manufacturers’ warranty for your roof simply won’t cut it. If you encounter roof problems but your manufacturer detect a lack of proper maintenance, they might not honor the warranty at all. So, before that happens, you have to put in more effort and ensure that you set the right intervals for roof maintenance.