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After a long plight of searching and contacting every tenant agency and landlord in the new locality, you have finally managed to finalise your new home. Now, once you’ve moved and are ready to unpack your boxes, it seems that you’re finally free to just sit down and relax for a while. However, even if it seems like all the major stuff has been handled and sorted, there are still a few crucial steps need to be taken to make your stay at the new home more comfortable and enjoyable:

· The first and foremost thing you need to do after moving to the new house is to check and confirm if all the installations are running smoothly. You should confirm the status of all smoke detectors and test if they are working perfectly or not. Also confirm if your new building has emergency exits. The locking system of all the doors and windows should be working in your new house and if there are any issues, get them fixed on priority basis. 

· You need to take care of the fact that all utility services are up and running in your new house because obviously you won’t want to spend your first night in the new flat without water or electricity. Get in touch with your energy suppliers at Extra Energy Contact Number and get the information updated about the changes in the tenancy. From the first day onwards, you’ll be responsible for the energy usage in the new property and in case, the tenant prior to you hasn’t paid his/her utility bills, you might be expected to pay for it. Hence, make sure to note down the meter readings the moment you move into the new property to avoid any confusions or wrong bill charges later on.

· Get your address updated to ensure your identity and correspondence protection. In case, you forget to update and get your address changed, there are chances that you won’t be able to receive your utility bills, which can cause a serious damage to your credit records. You can either manage your mail redirection in much advance before moving to the new location or once you’ve moved into the new house.

· And last but definitely not the least is to explore your new neighborhood and find out the grocery stores, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and make yourself feel comfortable and settled in your new abode.