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There’s no such thing as a swimming pool that fits everyone’s need. Planning out a pool addition takes a lot of time, calculation, sacrifices and headaches. But once you take the first dip in your new home pool all those worries are washed away.

One of the most common questions homeowners ask is “what pool size should I get?” Getting the swimming pool size for a home is also one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make because once you do you can’t go back. The pool can’t be shrunk to fit your new patio furniture or tool shed.

A larger pool also means more maintenance and bigger maintenance costs. If neglected during the less active seasons, a pool can develop all sorts of issues that can not only ruin your home’s curb appeal but be harmfulto the environment and your wallet as well, as described here: http://www.payanpools.com/pool-maintenance-san-diego-winter/

That in mind, here are some things to consider before choosing how big your new pool will be.

Who is going to Use the Pool and How Often?

The size of your household is one of the main factors in choosing the pool size for a family. And while many families with four or more members immediately decide on a big pool, that’s not always the best course of action. A smaller pool will not ruin anyone’s fun, but a larger pool is going to require more maintenance and is not really the best option financially if you don’t plan on using it too often.

What Activities are You Planning?

If you plan on using the pool to relax and swim casually, chances are you don’t need a long pool. However, if you plan on swimming laps the pool should be at least 30’ long. Do you also plan on diving? If so, consider a deeper pool as well. If you plan on using the pool casually, you won’t need a pool deeper than 3 to 6’.

Another major question is how often do you plan on throwing pool parties at your home? A lot of homeowners choose a big pool to host one or two parties a year for a large group of people, which is completely unnecessary. Keep in mind that no matter how many guests you invite, no more than half of them are likely to be using the pool at the same time.

How Much Space Do You Need Around the Pool?

Another important factor to consider is what you plan to put around the pool. An interesting fact is that homeowners usually spend most of their time on the patio and not in the pool. This makes the patio around the pool crucial to the overall design of the pool area.

However, many homeowners sacrifice the patio for the pool, which is not always the best idea. Keep in mind that you need a lot of space to put a barbecue or a trampoline and that you need at least 30’ of separation between the water and any patio furniture you plan on placing.

Is Your Family Going to Grow?

It’s hard to predict the future, especially when the kids of your kids are concerned. But if you see that your family might increase in the coming years, you should definitely plan for that when choosing a pool size.