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There are two types of people in the world. One are those who love the idea of open shelving in their kitchen and they think of it as an opportunity to show off their dishware but on then there is another type of people who hate the idea of open shelving and the first thing that comes to their mind is, “oh, where am I going to hide all the stuff?”.

Now, if you want our suggestion on this then honestly open shelving is not at all a bad idea and it’s not a fad that just appears good on Instagram and Pinterest. We are not asking you to just remove and abolish all the cabinets in your kitchen but open shelving can actually be very useful for you.

Most importantly, those who opt for open shelving in their kitchens, they end up having more storage, and the kitchen starts to look more spacious too which is great.

Want to know more benefits and reasons why your kitchen needs open shelving? Well, here you go;

1- You get to make the most out of your kitchen

It is but very obvious that if you opt for kitchen open shelving, you will end up with more space and more space means that you will be able to make the most out of your kitchen. Imaging cooking lunch in a congested closed kitchen especially when it’s quite hot outside. Don’t you think that in such a situation things can get a little messy? Well, this is the main reason why we are suggesting to go for the open shelving option, you’ll have more space, you will be able to work and cook easily and most importantly, you will be able to breathe freely without suffocating due to humidity.

2- You can reach your most used items easily

Imagine waking up in the morning and watching the coffee maker and the coffee mug, right in front of you on the shelf? Isn’t it great that you don’t have to search every single cabinet in order to find your coffee machine? Well, if yes then you need to consider open shelving because it will make it easy for you to reach your items.

3- You can display your favorite dishes and your collection  

Let’s be honest? We all at some point want to show off the expensive dishware that we bought and sometimes we just want people to see our collection and appreciate our taste and selection. And if you or your wife is that kind of a person too then why go for closed shelving? Open shelving can give you the opportunity to put your favorite stuff on the front display.

4- It can save you a lot of money

If you think that open shelving is expensive then you are totally wrong at this point because custom cabinetry is way more expensive than open shelving. The best part about open shelving is that you get to save yourself a lot of money and above everything, it will help you in pulling out a modern look of your kitchen.


We hope you now understand why we consider open shelving to be a better option. So, now without thinking any further just go for a kitchen with open shelves and we assure you that you won’t regret this decision.