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You mow your lawn, trim your trees and rake your leaves, but
maybe you’d like your backyard to be a bit more exciting. Luckily for you,
there are lots of ways to give your greenery a makeover and put your creativity
on display.
Renovation Ideas for the Backyard of Your Dreams
Tiered garden
A tiered garden is a classic way to make your backyard stand
out. If your yard is on an incline, you can create it yourself by building a
simple series of walls against the hill, using brick, wood, or even decorative
boulders. Don’t want to break out the tools? You can find affordable tiered
garden boxes at your local home and garden store.
Top off your tiers with a variety of seasonal bushes and
flowers, or install an attractive vegetable garden. Take advantage of the tiers
with plenty of overhanging plants likelatanas, lobelias and geraniums.
Keep drainage in mind by laying down a layer of gravel
before filling the tiers with soil. And be mindful of the material you use to
construct the walls. Treated wood has toxic chemicals that can leech into the
soil, so you should avoid using it if you’re planting edibles.
Custom pool
Who doesn’t love custom pools and spas? This
is the ultimate way to beautify your backyard. Nothing’s more impressive than a
pool built to complement the unique aspects of your yard. It’ll wow your guests
and ensure high turnout for parties and events you may hold at your home.
A custom pool or spa is a challenge for all but the most
experienced DIYer, so make sure to contact your local custom pool provider.
They’ll be able to guide you toward the perfect solution with minimum fuss and
Perhaps you want a shallow pool for the kids to splash in,
or an Olympic-sized tank for your morning routine. You can even go wild with a
retro kidney shape. Line the pool border with large decorative plants for that
secluded getaway feel.
Of course, for safety reasons, it’s necessary to completely
enclose water areas with a child-proof fence. Which brings us to …
Creative fencing
The fence might be the only part of your backyard most
people will ever see. That’s why jazzing it up is a sure-fire way to impress
the neighborhood. You can use salvaged wood for a rustic look, or go modern by
playing with geometric patterns. Try alternating different colors of wood or
You can also install shrubs for an all-natural enclosure.
These may take some time to grow, but the visual effect is worth it. Make sure
to trim it back seasonally for optimal coverage and growth.
Lit walkways
Just because it’s dark out doesn’t mean your backyard still
can’t shine. A lit walkway adds a fanciful touch of class. Visitors will
appreciate having a lit path to guide them as they stroll about your garden,
and it will keep your lawn looking fresh and untrampled.
A walkway is one of the easiest backyard DIY projects. A
variety of weatherproof walkways are available for purchase online and in
stores. You can also use free materials as large river stones or slats from
wooden pallets, which many stores give away for free.
As far as lights go, there are many different designs out
there. Solar powered are trendy and easy to install. Or, go with a hardwired
solution for more reliable lighting.

A renovated backyard is an easy way to freshen up your home.
It improves your family’s health by encouraging outdoor time, and livens up
parties and hangouts. Better yet, it can increase your property value and help
you command a higher price when it comes time to sell. Don’t hesitate, start
your backyard project today.