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Nowadays it seems like everything comes with a subscription
service. Whether it is home security, underwear, or razor blades, companies now
want you to keep paying a monthly fee. With these four simple DIY hacks, you
will be able to avoid the high-cost security products and the monthly
subscription fees. These are things that you can do yourself. They require
limited effort, and a greater rate of protection than their price would let on.  
1. Security Film  
When most people hear security film, they tend to think
surveillance. This is a different type of film. Most security skeptics love to
point out the frivolity of a good lock when a criminal could just break a
window and enter the home. The answer to this dilemma is a hardy film that you
can place over your windows. The most popular choice is 3M Security Film, but
any anti-scratch/anti-crack film will do. Once you have this on your windows,
attacks against your property are literally going to bounce off.  Of course, this is not a perfect fix. The
window can still be broken, but you will have bought yourself time, and this
may even turn some would-be assailants away.
2. Reinforcing The Door 
Many people worry about their door simply being kicked in by a
criminal. The answer that most people turn to is purchasing solid core door, or
even a security door. There are similar ways to achieve solid door
construction. It comes down to securing the most vulnerable parts of your door.
These are the strike plate, the hinges, and the lock hardware. To secure your
lock hardware you can fabricate, or purchase, a metal sleeve to account for the
gaps in the wood that the hardware creates. For hinges and the strike, simply
replace your one-inch screws with at least two-inch screws. This added inch
will cause the screw to bite into the stud. These small changes to your front
door will keep your average criminal out.
3. Motion Sensor Lights 
Sometimes all it takes to get a criminal to go away is
attention. There is nothing that causes more attention than a spotlight where
there once was darkness. It is true that just having a well-lit area around the
entrances to your home is good for security, but motion sensors give an added
bonus. Where a light will show passers-by that there is a person around the
property, a light turning on can draw attention. The act of turning on the
light is much more active. It relies less on circumstance and does what it can
to raise an alarm. Dogs can also be trained to wake you in the event that the
light turns on, so every instance can be investigated, or at the very least,
4. Yard Maintenance 

Keeping your yard well maintained might not seem like it does
anything for your security, but it does. A neglected yard creates hiding places
for criminals, which prevent neighbors and other onlookers from spotting them.
Similarly, you may be preventing yourself from seeing your yard. Keep bushes
close to walls, so that there is no space to walk or crawl behind them. Cut
ground based plants so that they do not obscure the view from your window. Cut
tree branches so that they do not block the top portion of your window. If you
would like to add gravel or small rocks to your driveway, that can also give
you some protection. The more noise you force the criminal element to create, the
greater chance they will avoid your property.
If you were to install all of these security measures, your
house would be a fortress. With windows and doors that do not break at the
first or even third strike, most burglars and robbers are going to leave empty
handed, and shaking their heads in disbelief. Security has never been this
easy, cheap, and efficient. For better protection today, you don’t have to call
anyone. You can do it yourself.

About Author- Ralph Goodman is a professional writer and the resident expert
on locks and security over at the Lock Blog. The Lock Blog is a great resource
to learn about keys, locks and safety. They offer tips, advice and how-to’s for
consumers, and information that will help anyone chose the right auto
and/or home locksmith