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Bath bombs are something essential for people who like to take a long bath and relax. They are basically a mixture of dry ingredients that are only effective when they have intact with water. They are dissolved, and as result, foamy texture is produced, which has an amazing smell and have soothing effects on the skin. Bath boms produced by lush are mostly popular because of their wide verity and effects. They are so much fun to use, they dissolve amazingly, just looking at them being dissolved is soothing enough, then add the property of being able to make your bathtub look like a painting. You can check the list for Best Bath Bombs of 2018.

Here is everything you need to know about bath bombs.

  1. Expiration date

Basically, bath bombs never expire, they are always safe to use. As they are usually made from all-natural ingredients, they are never harmful. If you have not used them for a while, they will start losing their effects. They will become rough and lose the fizz, with the passage of time. If you buy fresh pieces, they will give fresh odor and lather. Usually, their freshness lasts almost 20 days, after that, they start losing their touch. So, it is recommended to use them during the time period.

  1. How to buy them?

You can buy them from a store as well as you can order them online. It is recommended to buy them directly from the store. As you can check their condition and odor etc. Plus, if you order them from an online store, they are going to take almost 7 days to deliver it to your doorstep, which means that they are not as fresh and they will expire in short period. If you have any store around the corner, just go and get yourself a bath bomb right before you are going to get into the bath. Only order one from an online store, if you do not have any store in the town.

  1. Should you wash your hair with it?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Obviously, when you are in the bath, you can wash your hair with the bath bomb. It causes absolutely no harm. According to a common belief, people think that bath bombs contain a lot of chemicals, which can be harmful to your hair. The truth is quite the opposite, bath bombs contain essential and natural oils, which are beneficial for your hair. So, using bath bombs for your hair is not harmful.

  1. Are they harmful for skin?

Bath bombs are safe for all kinds of skin. They do not contain any strong or harmful chemicals, so they are absolutely safe for all kind of skins. Even if you have sensitive skin, which gets irritated easily, it would be safe to use it in such conditions too. Just avoid using them too much, use one once in a while. If you see any kind of reaction just stop using it.