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A house fire is definitely one of the most devastating and shocking experiences, and let’s hope you never go through it. It often doesn’t leave anything to be salvaged, regardless how quick you react. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, so the quicker you do the needful, the better.

Still hoping you won’t need it, but just in case, it’s good to be informed, and have the basic things in the back of your mind. In such moments of shock and stress, it’s difficult to think straight, so here is a list of thing you need to do in case of a fire in your home as a reminder.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

This is definitely the first thing to do, as your insurance agent will be able to help you with your claim and assess the damage made. They should take photos to serve as the criteria for the damage assessment and the basis for determining an adequate compensation. You should probably take the photos yourself as well, before, or when the agent comes, just to be on the safe side and make sure the insurance company doesn’t miss anything.

Also, try to separate the damaged items from the undamaged ones, as you’ll be required to make a detailed list, and enclose receipts of the items, if possible of course. What’s more, make sure you put the undamaged items in a safe place, where there won’t be at risk of being damaged.

It is possible you will get calls from various contractors and public adjusters with offers to help you restore you home, but it’s advised to speak only to your agent at this point, to avoid confusion and focus on the most important thing at that moment – assessing the damage.

Find a Restoration Company

Your insurance agent will likely recommend you a restoration company, but you don’t necessarily have to opt for it. It’s good to have several options and have a couple of assessments done, but keep in mind that a prompt action is crucial in this situation. That’s why it’s good to have a trustworthy restoration company in mind in advance, just in case, or even more than one.

It’s essential that the company is reliable and has an impeccable track record, but the most important thing is the immediate availability and the prompt reaction. You can ask around about the local restoration companies and maybe check with your friends if they know any.

Get a Place to Stay

Contact your family, friends, and relatives as soon as possible and try to get an alternative place to stay until you resolve the situation and find a permanent solution. In case you don’t have any close relatives who could provide you with a temporary accommodation nearby, you can turn to some of the Disaster Relief Organizations. Organizations such as Red Cross and FEMA can provide you with a temporary shelter and assist with your needs in the most critical period immediately after the disaster.

Make Sure Your Property Is Secure

It is important to secure your house from potential unlawful entries or looting until it is fully repaired. In most cases, the restoration company should be able to assist you with this. However, there are some companies which offer either just boarding up or just the restoration, so it’s the best and most practical to choose a company that can provide both. Besides uninvited guests, they should also be able to protect your property from the influence of the elements until the restoration is done and the house is ready for you to move back in.

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