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Tropical décor is all about using organic bright colors and textures to enhance the natural look of your interiors. This home décor style is mainly popular for its relaxing and casual feel as it draws inspiration from scenic locations such as the Caribbean, Bali, and Hawaii. It makes use of colors such as turquoise, aqua, lighter shades of blue, different shades of green, pale yellow, neutrals, and some bright pops of color in coral, fuchsia, orange and red.

If you want to create a visually peaceful atmosphere in your home with a tropical theme, here are some amazing tips to help you out. Discuss these ideas with your professional home designer so that he/she can help you choose the right ones that will suit your living spaces.

1. Go for Oversized Tropical Leaf Patterns

Bold and oversized tropical leaf patterns in graphic prints are a popular choice when working with this décor style. Choose wallpapers with banana leaf prints or other tropical plant leaf patterns in realistic shades of green to create a feature wall. You may also consider it for your hallway, powder room or an accent wall behind the bed. Consult with your interior designer when choosing a pattern and determining the location of the application.

If creating a tropical leaf-patterned feature wall is too bold for you, opt for small inclusions such as throw pillows, cushions, rugs, window treatments, and other home accessories.

2. Choose Furniture Made of Natural Materials

For a tropical theme, designers often suggest sustainable furniture made from teak, seagrass, wicker or rattan. Get chairs, stools, ottomans, sofa, and tables in any of these materials with upholstered cushions. For linen and upholstery, colors like ivory and beige go well with this theme.

3. Pair the Right Accessories

A tropical theme can be beautifully enhanced with the appropriate accessories. Industrial metals like brass are an excellent option to pair with tropical décor elements such as lush forest-themed prints. Brass will add an accent color to the overall décor and help maintain a visual balance. For example, you can add brass finish faucets, sconces, mirrors, and side tables in your tropical-themed bathroom to balance the look. In other rooms, you can go for brass furniture, storage, shelves, cabinets, and lighting fixtures to pair with tropical motifs.

4. Bring in House Plants

This is one of the safest and simplest ways to introduce the tropical theme to your home décor. Be it a large-leafed indoor plant like fiddle leaf fig, a standard rubber plant or a hanging plant like staghorn fern, they can enhance the color scheme of your indoors while keeping the room looking fresh and inviting. Ask your interior designer to recommend some suitable indoor plants for your home. Positioning the plants in the right locations and choosing the right containers that complement your home décor also make a big difference look wise.

Follow these suggestions when incorporating the tropical theme into your space. That said, the tropical style can be loud. There’s a chance of going overboard when it comes to decorating your living spaces with a tropical theme. It’s important that you maintain a balance of sophistication to avoid looking kitschy. Hire an experienced high-end residential interior designer for your luxury home to create your dream space with a tropical décor.