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Before you can decorate or finish a room – or even move in, it should have substantial flooring. When chosen properly and with care, the best flooring options can set the stage for years of comfort and durability – especially in the living room.

Below, we look at the pros and cons of some of the more popular flooring options for your living room.


  • Wood


When it comes to remodelling an older home, some people find that when they pull back those old carpets, pristine hardwoods shine back at them. Often, you can sand, stain and seal the wood. With plenty of choices when it comes to stain colours, the entire room can feel refreshed and polished.

But, if the floors are damaged, the best option is to match them. If you already have hardwood, match and refinish the flooring with solid oak flooring from fineoakflooring.co.uk. It’s better to have a continuous, large area of one material than different materials in different rooms.

If you need to start from scratch, you could expand your horizons and find hardwood flooring to update your space.


  • Carpets


While wall-to-wall carpets are still a popular choice for bedrooms, it’s not such a big hit in living room spaces. Carpeting is certainly less expensive than oak or wood flooring, but it tends to soak up liquids and odours in high traffic areas like living rooms, and it can stain way too easily.

But, if you have your heart set on the cosy, wall-to-wall carpeting affect, add rugs to your wooden floors. It provides the comfort of carpeting while being easy enough to remove and clean or even swap when you want to update the look and feel of your living room.


  • Stone


Stone has a tailored, strong look and feel that works well in public spaces. It’s great for different architectural styles and can work elegantly in a living room. It’s also rather costly. When it comes to natural stone, for instance slate, limestone or marble, careful installation is necessary. Chipping, staining and even cracking can be a downfall if the area isn’t properly prepared. Also, stone flooring tends to be chilly in the colder months.


  • Concrete


Concrete is great if you love the appeal of industrial-chic minimalism. Concrete flooring has certainly moved beyond the garage these days. Polishing, scoring, painting and staining are just some of the options available for concrete floors which transform a slab into a gorgeous living room floor at a rather cost-effective price. While concrete floors can withstand a lot, not much can withstand them. If you happen to drop something, it is going to suffer. What’s more, by their very nature, concrete floors reflect sound. So, you’ll need a few rugs and other sound-absorbing materials such as furniture and drapery in your living room.

Whether you opt for warm and easy to look after oak flooring, the elegance of stone or the minimalist modernity of concrete, weigh up the pros and cons first. In the end, you want a choice you won’t regret for years to come.