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Whether you have a nice set of traditional
bay windows or something a little more modern, over time they can start to look
tired and neglected, if you don’t maintain their upkeep. Windows are a preview
into your property, they provide sunlight and can be closed or covered for
privacy but in general they are there for all to see. If your windows are not
well maintained, what does that say about the rest of your property?

Beautiful windows can make a massive
difference on the outward appearance of your property, whether you are just
house-proud or you are planning on selling and having well-kept windows can
even help to raise the value of your property. So what can be done to help
spruce up those old windows? Or what should be done to help bring back some
life into the space around your windows?

1. Potted Plants Underneath
the Window Sill

Having greenery can help to brighten up any
home. Whether you’re a keen gardener or more of a beginner, installing some
potted plants underneath the window sill can be a great help in sprucing up the
appearance of the windows. They can be on the inside or the outside of the
window (depending on how much space you have) and can be as small or as big as
you like.

If you’re thinking of adding a few potted
plants underneath the window sill outside the property, perhaps consider a
couple of hanging baskets or a full trough to cover the window sill in order to
give it a neater look. You will want to plant bright flowers that are easy to
look after and can survive in varying degree of sunlight, depending on which
way your property faces.

2. Interior Window Shutters

By installing interior window shutters you
can help increase privacy and alter natural light levels in your home. Window
shutters are a beautiful way of introducing a stylish window covering to your
home and as window shutters can be cut and fit to match a window of any size or
shape, you can create a uniform look by installing shutters all throughout the

There are exterior window shutters
available, however they can be slightly more intrusive. Interior window
shutters come in a variety of different colours and finishes, and you can also
choose a number of different styles to suit you. From café style shutters to
shutters with larger louvres, try different designs to see what works best with
your home!

3. Window Seat and Storage

Fancy yourself a bit of a bookworm? Or do
you just prefer a warm, comfy seat to sit in while you read the daily paper?
Installing a nice window seat is great for those who love to sit back and read
for a few hours. Window seats are cute and quirky ways of making the best use
of the space available, particularly on bay windows or recessed windows as they
can be designed to fit the empty space.
Why not make your window seat tailored to
you by also adding a bit of storage space underneath the seat? There is often
plenty of room for storage shelves and cupboards underneath window seats, which
can store bric-a-brac or your favourite books if you prefer.

4. Hire a Professional

In some cases it might just be that your
windows are looking a little tired and need a good hosing down. By requesting
the assistance of a professional window cleaner you will not have to worry
about any unsightly spots or accidentally scratching your windows. The window cleaner
will clean all your windows, leaving them sparkling and shining. Sometimes all
it needs is a little wash to having your windows looking good as new!

It is important to remember that although
room renovations can make a big difference in the appearance and overall value
of your property, it is important to take notice of the more permanent details
on both the interior and the exterior of your property and windows are no
exception. Make your windows shine today with the help of these quick tips, and
see how it affects the look of your home!

Article provided by Mike, working together
with Sussex (UK) based window shutter specialists The Window Shutter Company;
experts in the area for over 20 years.