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HVAC systems or heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are now becoming a modern necessity. In the present city life due to rising quality of life it has now become quite important to own one of these systems in the home. The HVAC systems are quite a great way in improving lifestyles and are very beneficent. But there are some major environmental concerns attached to their operations.

So as technology becomes better and better and as the people are becoming more environment-conscious, they start figuring out ways to make the HVAC systems better with an eco-friendly approach. This is how progress encourages progress enabling us to get the best out of our world without destroying it along the way. It is a great way for us to take responsibility for not taking care of our earth. And this thinking has actually brought up some new systems and methods that are completely eco-friendly.Some of them have been listed here for your benefit so that when you install an HVAC system, you make an environment-conscious and informed decision.

Thanks to technology and easier production processes, biodiesel is now available for home heating purposes too. It has found excellent use as fuel replacement for the conventional fuels but now it is making a grand entry into the homes as an excellent replacement for HVAC systems.In this kind of system, blends of 5-20% of bio fuel along with heating oil are used for household purposes. This combination of fuel can be used in any regular furnace without any changes.And since biodiesel is made from energy crops like soybeans, maize, wheat and sugarcane they are a sustainable source of fuel. One of the only problems is that it is not available in large quantities. Its production needs to be ramped up if we want to meet the demands of people.

  1. Geothermal System.

With their discovery geothermal heating systems have proven their worth. In this system, heat is harnessed from the core of the earth right from the bedrock. An assortment of pipes and heat pump allows in transferring the heat to your wonderful homes.They are a little difficult to harness based on the geographical availability and seasonal changes, but they still are an efficient and sustainable heating system.This sustainable technology is working wonders in cities. And it is completely safe to use making it a great replacement for the traditional HVAC systems.

  1. Passive Solar.

This kind of system has been used from centuries and is now being reintroduced in architectural planning in the modern times. As we know that most of the energies around is directly or indirectly derived from the sun. Our ancestors used to build their homes in a way to efficiently harness the suns heat to heat up their homes. As people are getting more conscious about the environment, it is being reflected on their house planning. Passive solar technology uses better designed windows, doors and roofs to collect heat from the sun and then use it to keep the house warm and comfortable. Various thermal materials are used as wall linings and fillings to keep the house in the desired temperature range.

This is another innovative approach at reducing the pollution that is running rampant in our environment. In this system energy is harness from plants by drying them out. This might seem quite similar to firewood but it is quite different from that. In this the greenhouse gases are produced in a bare minimum. This source of energy is very efficient and it allows for better heating of your house. This modern biomass technology is being used by some modern homes and government facilities. But it has not yet caught with the general public because of the complexity in setting it up and its availability.

  1. Ice Powered Air Conditioners.

This another brilliant piece of technology that is seeing rising acceptance in the general public.This air conditioning system uses ice to cool the refrigerant. This system minimizes the wastage of electricity and helps in implementing sustainable energy. The principle behind its working is fairly simple but has been quite difficult to make. These conditioners make ice during the night time which is then used to keep the refrigerant cool during the hot daytime. It acts as a great replacement for your HVAC system and at the same time goes easy on your pockets.

There are many ways that we can keep our homestay comfortable and at the same time be environment friendly. It boils down to making sensible decisions.