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Let’s face it, we spend a heck of a lot of time in our kitchens, therefore why not make it more functional and fun at the same time? With this in mind, here are 5 creative DIY storage and kitchen ideas that won’t break the bank.

Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Rack
Why not free up some much needed space in your pantry cabinets and make yourself a funky looking magnetic spice rack. Simply attach a piece of flattened out metal duct (cost under $5) to a frame and paint it with chalk board paint. Then glue some neodymium
 to metal jar lids, fill your jars with spices and place them on your board. A fun and practical way to clear out your kitchen cabinets .

Re-using old garden tools
Even if you’re not big into recycling, you have to admit that an old rake head makes for a superb wine glass holder, the more rusty and decorative the better. Simply attach it to the wall in your kitchen or bar area and you have a great way to store wine glasses.

DIY chip clips
If you have a closet full of those plastic dress hangers with no real use for them, then why not up-cycle them and turn them into DIY chip clips. Simply cut off the ends and bingo, you’ve got a great way to keep those bags of chips staying fresh.

Safe knife storage
kitchen knives tend to become blunt in your kitchen cabinet drawer, apart from this if you’re a little accident prone like me then they’re just plain dangerous. Yes you can buy stylish knife blocks but they’re expensive. As this blog post is entitled creative DIY on a budget, then we won’t be going there instead of this, how about creating your very own countertop knife holder using just a cheap glass container and some common garden bamboo skewers. Just fill the container with the skewers and then slot the knives in, simple, cheap but incredibly effective. If you want to jazz it up you can decorate the glass container with spray paint, some scrapbook paper and some ribbon.

Tension Rods
Find another use for curtain tension rods in your kitchen by using them as dividers for storing baking sheets and cutting boards. How much space would they take up in your kitchen cabinetry otherwise? Alternatively, how about using tension rods to tidy up those cleaning supplies that clutter up your sink cupboard. Many cleaning products have those handy pistol clips for spraying which are just ideal for hanging over a tension rod.

Creating more storage space in your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive and provided you have a little imagination and a smidgeon of creativity, it can be done for as little as a few dollars.