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What homeowner wouldn’t want to
have an appealing living room? Sadly, for many it’s too expensive to redecorate
and change the whole furniture or the flooring. Believe it or not, sometimes
you don’t need a lot of money to make your home look chic again. It’s all about
letting your creative spirit shine. There’s so much you can do on a budget. An
interesting table design for a living room can go a very long way, without
forcing you to spend thousands. Here are a few design ideas to help you bring
your living room back to life.


1.      Statement accessories
An ordinary coffee table that’s
empty will never draw attention. If you want guests to notice your creative
spirit, you have to adorn it with statement accessories. There are many options
you can consider. First of all, the accessories that you place onto the table
have to match with the overall décor of your living room. On the other hand, if
you’re the courageous type of homeowner with an eye for interior design, you
can easy opt for a statement piece that doesn’t match with the rest of the
décor. Go vintage and place old books on the coffee table; arrange them nicely
and complement the design with a flower vase. If you have space for some
candles too, then add them.
2.      Glass coffee table
Glass tables are fantastic.
They blend beautifully with any sort of décor, and can instantly brighten and
liven up a space. Unlike conventional materials like wood for example, glass
reflects natural light. Your whole room will seem more fluid and more modern.
It’s really important to make sensible investment as far as house furniture is
concerned. Quality has to be our priority because the items we buy now should
resist for years. Even if they go out of fashion, there are plenty of décor
ideas we can use to switch things up. Fortunately, a glass coffee table is a
timeless piece. Buy it now and your living room will be practical and extremely


3.      Wooden coffee table with
build-in plants
This is a great idea for a
coffee table. Whether you’re the eco-friendly type, or you just like to have
plants into your home, incorporating a wooden coffee table with a built-in area
for plants is an original idea that will impress all your guests. If you don’t
want to buy a new table, you can redesign the one you already have. Make sure
it has a considerable size though. Leave one part intact (maybe place a couple
of books on it, or some other interesting accessories), and dedicate the other
half for the built-in pot. You may have to remodel the table, so prepared to
put your craftsmanship skills to the test. As for the choice of plant, bonsais
are in trend right now.
4.      Multi-functional coffee
A multi-functional coffee table
can have a lot of purposes. It can serve as a beautiful décor item, and it can
store all kinds of items thus making sure your living room remains properly
organized. There are different models available in the marketplace, starting
from the most affordable to the most luxurious. Regardless of the type, it is
important to consider a qualitative coffee table. Opt for a timeless design and
material, like hardwood for example, and you’ll have it for years.


5.      Metallic coffee
Last but not least, we have a
rather unusual type of material for a coffee table – metal. Surprisingly, this
idea could work in living rooms that are vintage-inspired or classic. What’s
great about metal is that it can’t go unnoticed. It’s flashy and it has the
power to create a lot of drama, especially if it is placed in a bright living
room. A coffee table with metallic designs can have a breathtaking effect, provided that it is placed
in the right spot – by a window.
We all want to have beautifully
decorated living rooms. It’s nice to have guests praise your personal space;
sometimes, the simplest décor items have the greatest impact. In this case, a
coffee table can efficiently turn a boring room into the most modern and
elegant space. It’s all about making the right choice and making whatever you
can with a given budget.


By Peter Smith and TomFaulkner.co.uk!