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Do you want to make your home look like a professional decorator decorated it? It’s still possible to play up your home’s strengths, mask it’s flaws and make it more appealing without professional help. Take a look at these five tips that can help you make sure every room in your home looks better than ever.

Spread out your furniture

While it may be tempting, resist overcrowding your room. Give yourself space to maneuver with ease. This is great news if you’re working on a limited budget. Don’t fill your room to the brim with bargain deals, instead spend your budget on better quality, long lasting pieces. Read the label – furniture made of solid wood won’t warp as easily. You don’t want to buy a softwood table that will take a lot of abuse and wind up looking old and beat up in a months time.Instead, opt for a table that is durable enough for everyday use. 

Hang your wall art at the right height

Follow what the museums and galleries do and hang artwork so the center of your piece is between 57 and 60 inches from the floor. It’s tempting to hang the art higher on walls when in a room with taller than average ceilings, but remember that the height of the wall art needs to relate to human scale instead of the structure’s scale.

If you need to double check how the room looks, snap some pictures. Photos can reveal a lot and give you a sense of whether a smaller or larger piece of artwork, a chair or a plant could best fill an open spot in a room.

Create a focal point

Just like the leading role in a successful production, there needs to be a star – the focal point – in every room. The other items in the room back up the star and support it.

Think of your home’s exterior – maybe Rochester roofers helped you update the look of your home with a new roof that became a focal point. Maybe you had a door installation company install mahogany double entry doors. Similarly to having an exterior focal point, focal points in every room will really make a statement. You could use a dramatic hood as the kitchen’s focal point, a mahogany mantel in the living room and a tufted headboard in the master bedroom. Whatever you choose to use as your focal point, make sure it demands attention.

Vary scale for pleasing arrangements

That vase that looked great in a store might stand out like a sore thumb once it’s in your house. When you decorate, make sure to vary proportion and scale and ensure you decorate in a way that gives items significance. Group items to make interesting groupings, threes and fives make the most pleasant arrangements. A good rule of thumb to follow is to use odd, not even number when grouping items together.

Be bold

If you want to really make a space look great, inject it with your personality. Even a few small touches will be enough to give your home an on-trend update. Make the room your own and have fun with it. Once you start collecting pieces for the room, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.  Keep in mind that surprise elements, such as an oversize chandelier, add drama to the room and give it some charisma. Steer clear of expected and predictable pieces if you want a room that really has wow factor.

It’s good to have some guidelines that act as a starting point for decorating a home.Overly designed rooms often aren’t practical and attainable in real, day-to-day life. Choose decorations that are personal and make you happy, and focus on comfort too. Do what you can to make sure the rooms in your home are both chock-full of style and livable.

Bio: Katie Parsons is a writer with a background in news media. She is the creator of family and lifestyle blog MumblingMommy.com.