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The importance of a kitchen cannot be overemphasized in a home. Some might not notice but it is the most important room in a house. There are other activities that are carried out in the kitchen besides just cooking.

Some families eat their meals there while some even have family meetings in the kitchen. There are some people that do no put the design and attractiveness of their kitchen as a priority and to be sincere with you that is very wrong. A room as special as the kitchen should be made to look special.

However, some folks make the mistake of going overboard with their designs. There are some design trends that are not just OK for your kitchen and you should totally avoid them. Using those designs will make your kitchen less fantastic.

Let us have a look at those designs and see how they will negatively affect your kitchen.

Kitchen Design Trends You Shouldn’t Try In 2017

#1. Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

Acrylic kitchen cabinets are getting popular by the day. Before we delve into why you shouldn’t try them, let us take a look at what it is. Acrylic gives the kitchen cabinets a smooth texture and high gloss appearance. The material is non-toxic and that is the reason behind its recent popularity in the kitchen design industry.

However, this kitchen cabinet has some disadvantages that will make you shy away from acquiring it. What are they?

  • The surface gets easily stained: The glossy surface of this kitchen cabinet has made it too easily get stained by dirt and even fingerprints. Even the slightest touch on this cabinet makes it dirty.

For this reason, the acrylic kitchen cabinet will always require cleaning. This is particularly         bad for you if you are the busy type of person.

  • Not for those on a budget: Even though acrylic kitchen cabinet is considered a premium finish, comparing its price with that of similar premium finishes will show you just how expensive acrylic is.

It is quite expensive even at a premium and it certainly isn’t for those that are on a budget.

  • Shading difference might occur in the future: If you are to get a good design, then it should be something that should offer you beauty and elegance. It should also offer you an easy transition when the time for change comes. There is a high possibility of shading happening when you are about to change the cabinet doors a few years later and this will present a problem to you as it will affect the design of your kitchen.

#2. IKEA Juxtaposes White Lacquer Cabinets

The IKEA cabinets are great. The juxtapose white lacquer cabinets have been on the rise with them being installed in kitchens across the country. They are classic black and white pallet and make the kitchen really nice.

However, with all the quality they bring forth, they also present some problems that might just discourage you from trying them.

  • It all depends on the assembler: The quality and durability of this cabinet for your kitchen is highly dependent on the assembler. The IKEA juxtapose kitchen cabinet is very hard to assemble and IKEA as a company hires assemblers by the city.

So if you are unlucky to have an assembler that is not so good, then your cabinet will not             turn out as expected. Hiring an assembler will just increase your expenses.

  • Shallow cabinets: It might be of good quality and durable, but the cabinet is poorly designed. They are shallow and most of the times does not hold the plates. The whole purpose of the cabinet is lost if it can’t perform that one function.
  • Very hard to get level: The IKEA cabinet is very hard to get level. Installing it will leave your kitchen most uneven and getting every cabinet level from all directions will be a tough task. Regardless of the time, you took to carefully measure, this problem is a big part of the IKEA cabinet.

#3. The New Apron-Front Sinks

They are reputable for their longevity as they are very durable, attractive and very easy to maintain. However, there are certain problems associated with this kitchen sinkthat has made it a bad choice for you.

  • It gets rusty when exposed: It is made out of cast iron with porcelain coating chips. This kitchen sink will rust over time if the iron underneath is exposed to moisture. Even though there are products to replace the chip after damage, you cannot get the original integrity after that.
  • Under mount sink must have a strong support: The Apron-front sinks are quite heavy. For this reason, the under mount sink requires a very solid support. Getting that is an extra cost for installing this kitchen sink.
  • Prone to long term staining: There are some products that shouldn’t be left on this kitchen sink as they will lead to a long-term stain. Materials like tea bags or coffee grounds will leave stains that will make it hard to remove.

For your kitchen installation procedure, ensure that you get a very good wood router that           will help makes the process much easier for you.

#4. Moen 7594esrs Arbor with Motion Sense One-Handle High Arc Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

This faucet is perfect if you have kids at home. With an automated handle, this faucet is gaining popularity. It does come with a few problems though and considering them, you might want to hold off on getting one for your kitchen till it has been perfected.

  • Constant charging: This faucet uses a 6 AA battery and that means you have to charge it almost weekly. For some, that is an unpleasant task.
  • Faulty flow mode: This faucet always starts in flow mode, you have to touch the spout to get it to spray mode. The flow speed is also not adjustable, it is always at the highest speed.

#5. Granite Laminate Countertops

For years, thegranite kitchen countertops have graced many homes in the US. They are famous for their natural beauty, durability, and ruggedness. However, the latest granite countertops have a few problems aside from the price that has made it a bad choice for your kitchen.

This countertop has an extremely high cost of maintenance (which happens often). It is still durable but unlike before. When exposed to high-stress situations during transportation or installation, the granite laminate countertop can break.


There are several kitchen design trends that have been rolled out this year and more are to follow. You have to check the installation process, the cost, durability, and functionality of each kitchen design before you go for it. This will help you a lot as you will avoid making a bad decision.