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days, something, somehow always gets broken around the house and oftentimes,
you don’t know why it’s happening (or maybe you do). Here are three amazingly
obvious reasons, 1. It’s too old or outdated to work properly. 2. You’re not
that good with cleaning and maintaining items, or 3. Act of nature: molds,
moisture, heat, and cold can affect anything in the house.

So what do you do when something gets out of commission? It’s
not like you can always call a mechanic, repairman – they come with a price,
and what if something needs fixing in the middle of the night? Introducing the
five break-a-thon contestants and how to fix ‘em good:
Sliding Windows.
This one’s easy. Simply use a little silicone spray
lubricant (sold at hardware stores) to grease the skids. Spray some onto a
piece of cloth, then wipe along the tracks. 
Slowly slide the window until its underside glides through.
Use a knife to smear wallpaper
on the peeling wallpaper’s underside, making sure to spread it entirely.
Remove the knife and carefully press the wallpaper against the wall. Keep
pressing to stick properly and use a clean piece of cloth to smoothen bubbles.
Check which hinge/s is making the noise. Spray a little WD-40,
swinging the door back and forth to ensure that it absorbs the lubricant. You
can also try rubbing the hinges with petroleum jelly. As a last resort, try
lifting the pins halfway and lubricate them, using rag or old newspaper to
catch drips.
Don’t call in the exorcist yet! Slamming doors may be caused by a
wide gap between the door and frame. Try affixing few pieces of weather
stripping on the doorstop. You can also use a wide rubber band to wrap around
the doorknobs on both sides, stretching it across the door edge, but not
covering the latch.
Simply rub the spot with white toothpaste. Yes, toothpaste! It’s
not just for teeth, you know? Apply it onto the spot and rub with a dry cloth
or eraser. You can also use WD-40 on a dry towel and rub the spot lightly,
ensuring to degrease the area afterwards with either detergent soap or
dishwashing liquid and water.
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you’re unsure whether you can fix the problem on your own, or you’re worried
that you might end up breaking it even more, then you can always call for help.
Ask your neighbors or friends to help you. Just remember to treat them food
after fixing your stuff. Win-win.