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Summer is in its full swing, making a way for autumn to
breeze in, but before this beautiful season ends. Why not create a breezy vibe
evocative of this season in your living room. Isn’t it that you always wanted?
Let’s experiment with color this year and bring home a splash of cooling and
light interior palettes, complementing it with vintage furniture.
Lighter shades of purple like lavender, mauve, and plum are
quite on trend this season; especially the teenagers love this color the most.
Moreover, it adds tranquility of summer to your room, welcoming your guests
with open arms. Also, if you have an aesthetic taste and love antique items,
then why not blend both of them together. Yes, it’s quite possible with these
Fret no more and check out these 5 dreamy purple and vintage home decor ideas for your living
1. Antique Purple
Pattered Living Room
This living room is a perfect blend of vintage furniture with
your dreamy purple theme. Patterned walls and sofas that look more of the
ancient time add warmth to the complete room. Moreover, corner lamp, mirror,
and a beautiful chandelier add to its elegance. Everything looks just perfect,
keep the lavender or other shades of purple as base and enjoy playing with
other colors like white, gray which looks ideal to add a vintage look.

Image Credit: Tagota (http://www.tagota.com/)
2. Artistic and Modern
Purple Living Room
If you have modern
living room furniture sets
, but also want to add an artistic and
vintage look to your room. Then this would be an ideal design inspiration.
Mauve colored walls with a combination of white, artistic paintings, elegant
lightening lamps on a patterned background, and dark wooden antique furniture.
All these add grace to the mauve colored sofas. Won’t you like to try this
Image Credit: Wallpaperput (http://wallpaperput.com/)
3. Classic Patterned
Purple Living Room
This is an ideal inspiration for those who have a small
living room and want to decorate it in the best way. Lavender color sofas with
a mix of patterned one, matching elegant decor, carpet, and wooden furniture
table. It includes all what you need to add classiness to a small room.
Moreover, adding artistic antique paintings to the walls and a beautiful
antique chandelier will complete this design.
Image Credit: FastaanyTimelock (http://www.fastaanytimelock.com/)


4. Rustic Purple Themed
Living Room
Adding a purple them doesn’t mean you have to use only this
color for home decor and furniture. Just add a tint of dreamy purple and play with other
contrasting colors you like. Just like this living room design. Wooden color
sofa and flooring adds a rustic feel, while the chic paintings are adding
glamour. Silver shade table and antique patterned side lamp are adding a grace.
Perfect for a smaller living room!
Image Credit: GiesenDesign (www.giesendesign.com)
5. Stylish Vintage
Purple Living Room
This design is inspired from the ancient times and is good to
add a vintage look to your living room. Decorative golden mirror, chic
paintings, lamps, wooden fireplace, lavender color walls, with contrasting
white sofas are all you need to add a sophisticated and glamorous look. You
must try this decor if you love aesthetic look and want to add a vintage look
to your living space.
Image Credit: Vectormu.com (www.vectormu.com)
Apart from these, there can be numerous exciting designs that
you can use for a dreamy purple and vintage themed living room. But, these are
the best among them, which I personally would like to try for my home makeover.
So, why not welcome your guests for a party by adding an attractive ambiance
with these home decor ideas.