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Though some people might fringe at the cost of hardwood floors, getting them for your home is a very good investment as they tend to last for a very long time if given proper care. Taking certain steps in cleaning your hardwood floor will ensure that your floor stays clean and lasts for a very long time. Once you have established a routine that works for you, it isn’t so hard to keep your hardwood floors clean again.

Sweep and Dust every day.

To ensure that your hardwood floor remains clean and strong, it is important that you dust it with a microfiber mop or a piece of cloth on a daily basis. This move will prevent the floor against scratches and other surface damages that might occur. Microfiber mops are used because of their effectiveness in trapping dust. The pads in microfibers utilize static electricity to trap the dirt particles and other allergens present in your home. While mopping, take note that water doesn’t mix well with wood. Avoid putting too much water or you might risk damaging your floor.

Sweeping is another effective method that can be done daily. You can use a broom to sweep the dirt out of the house. For effectiveness though, it is advised to use a microfiber mop as it traps the dirt instead of pushing it around like the broom does. The trapped dust can be easily disposed of afterward.

Vacuum weekly

Most people do this but the thought of repeating is quite hectic for most people. Hardwood floor vacuum is very important because the grit present in dust acts like a sandpaper that will eventually affects your hardwood’s finish.Vacuum/ wet mopis ideal for cleaning dirt out of the tight corners and spaces between each piece of wood. Vacuuming will ultimately protect the hardwood finish and keep its appearance at all times. When vacuuming, make use of an attachment that has a brush that can run along the floor. Do not use rotating brushes as they might cause the floor’s finish to scratch.

Be careful though when using a vacuum. If your vacuum has a beater bar, then ensure that it doesn’t hit the floor while vacuuming. Letting it hit the bar floor will cause scratches. The wheels of a vacuum might cause damage to the floor, you have to be extremely careful when using it.

Use no-wax floor cleaner to eliminate residue.

The major problems that arise with hardwood floors are mostly small problems that aren’t taken care of intime. In order to keep your floor clean at all times, use a no-wax cleaner in the hall closet or any other location that will be convenient. This will allow you easy access to it anytime and clean up the small issues so that they turn into big ones.

Note that dirt and liquid can cause damage to the floor’s finish. The liquid might get the floor stained. It is therefore very important to clean the floor quickly in case of any spillage.

Your doormat should be extra-long.

This isn’t much of a technique but it works for cleaning your hardwood floors. If shoes are not removed before gaining access to your rooms, then having a long doormat both inside the house and by the entry will help keep the floor clean. Extra-long doormats help keep the dirt out initially and thus makes your sweeping, mopping or vacuuming process easier. For your front door, it is recommended to acquire a doormat that is long, perhaps 4- to 6-foot-long. The long doormats will allow people to wipe off the dirt and moisture from their shoes effectively and this keeps the floor clean.

Use area rugs for most visited areas of your home.

There are certain areas of our homes that are most visited or walked down every day. This will naturally cause the wood floor finish to wear down. To prevent this, area rugs are utilized in such areas. They are found to effectively reduce the wear of everyday walk. While using them, ensure that they don’t come with any backing. A backing, either vinyl or rubber has the ability to trap humidity and when this happens, the finish of your floor might get stained or the wood’s damaged. Ask your interior decorator about the best area rugs to use in such a scenario.

Other tips

Even though the five techniques and tips above will help keep your hardwood clean, there are extra tips that might help also.

  • Keep out the rain as it might stain and damage your hardwood.
  • Avoid using vinegar and use only little quantity of water. Both water and vinegar make your floor look dull.
  • Polish the floors every two months.
  • Deep clean every year. There are some that recommend doing it every 3-5 years but yearly or once in 2 years is better.

With the techniques and tips will help keep your hardwood floor clean. If however, you notice that your floor is kept but not shiny, then it might have lost its luster. When that happens, it is recommended that you have it refinished.