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When you are working all week, it’s hard to see how you can make much of a difference to your home in the space of a weekend. The idea of starting the week with mess everywhere from a weekend home improvement project that hasn’t gone according to plan is enough to put even the most avid DIY’ers off.

Don’t be disheartened. There are plenty of small projects you can easily complete over the course of a weekend, which won’t leave your home in disarray. You will be amazed at how much you can get done if you are organised and can focus on the task in hand.

Here are 5 cheeky little home improvement projects that you might not think to do, but will make all the difference. And the good news is, theywon’t take you any longer than a weekend.

1. De-clutter your bedroom and splash out on newbed linens

As most bedrooms aren’t on show to guests, they can easily end up at the bottom of the ‘to clean, tidy and revamp’ list. Bedrooms are also, more often than not, the prime place to shove clutter when you have an unexpected visitor.

Give your bedroom a good clean and aim to get rid of the clutter. Invest in some drawer organisers so everything has a place. Add a vase of flowers to the dressing table or the chest of drawers. Hoover your bed mattress and if possible turn it (some mattresses can’t be turned). Splash out on some new bed linens, such as those from Snug Interiors; the better quality they are the more you’ll have your bedroom looking and feeling just like a chic hotel room.

2. Clean your windows and paint your front door

All too often we concentrate on the inside of the house, and not on the exterior. Sparkling clean windows and a newly painted front door add to the kerb appeal of your home, and will put a smile on your face when you arrive home from work in the coming weeks.

Spend Saturday preparing your front door surface. Rub down the woodwork and fill any cracks or holes with quick-drying wood filler. When the filler is dry, rub down those areas to make the surface smooth. Wipe door with a damp cloth to remove dust. Then set to cleaning all of your windows inside and out.

First thing on Sunday apply primer or undercoat to your door. Leave according to paint instructions before adding the topcoat in your newly chosen colour. If you are feeling brave, select a colour to make your house stand out from the crowd. Add gunmetal numbers to your door when it is dry, and place a new pot plant on the doorstep. In the space of a weekend you can have the outside of your home looking a whole lot smarter.

3. Deep clean your bathroom and update your taps

Your bathroom likely gets a weekly clean, but when was the last-time you did a really deep clean? It’s sometimes hard to notice the gradual build-up of limescale and mould on shower fixtures and grouting when you use your bathroom so often. A deep clean can make all the difference to your daily bathroom experience. Deep clean tiles, floors and hard-to-reach corners. Use a mould cleaner, and limescale remover. There are natural alternatives if you can’t stand the idea of all those chemicals!

Once your bathroom is sparkling clean, how about updating taps and showerheads to really lift your bathroom and give it a contemporary feel? Be sure your new taps are compatible with your current basins and that new showerheads fit existing shower fittings.

4. Add arustic patio

Adding a patio sounds like a huge job, and yes it can be. But, if you’re happy with a small, quaint and rustic patio, a flagstone patio is easy to lay and doesn’t require mortar or cement. A quirky, rustic patio is a great addition to your home, and looks fabulous with a few pot plants, and a bistro-style table and a couple of chair. If you keep the project small, it can be all done in a weekend. Follow this guide and get digging!

5. The devil is in the detail – update frames and scatter cushions, and replace knobs

Give your photos a new lease of life by updating frames. It’s the perfect opportunity to add in a few more recent snaps. Also, give your living room scatter cushions a makeover by sewing on some unusual fringes.

Replace knobs on drawers, cabinets and doors. You can pick up some lovely and unusual vintage knobs and door handles from antique salvage yards, or simply update with contemporary versions from your favourite DIY store.

Good luck with your weekend projects!