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If your bathroom has an unpleasant or even obnoxious odor, rest assured that you are in good company. The bathroom has many unique elements that make bad odors problematic. For example, the simple act of using a toilet can leave bad smells in the room for at least a short period of time. Mold and mildew, dirty laundry and other factors also combine together to create the perfect storm for the development of bad, lingering odors. The last thing that you want is to feel nauseated by the simple act of even stepping foot in your bathroom or to be embarrassed to let your guests use the bathroom. This is a space that you may spend a fair amount of time in as you get ready for your day as well as at the end of the day, so it should be comfortable and pleasing in every way. If you are struggling with a smelly bathroom, these are some effective ways to improve the odor with lasting results.

Thoroughly and Regularly Deep-Clean the Bathroom

Some people try to mask the foul odors in a bathroom with an air freshener spray, by burning scented candles or by taking other similar steps. Unfortunately, these efforts may offer short-lived results, and you may find yourself bombarded with the bad scent in your bathroom within hours or even minutes after the fresh scent fades away. Rather than trying to mask the odors, it makes better sense to target the cause of the problem. Many bad smells in a bathroom are caused by filth and grime. For example, when you use the toilet, bacteria may linger and grow. The toilet must be cleaned regularly in order to remove the bacteria. Mold and mildew growth are common on many surfaces in the bathroom, and these can create a musty smell that permeates throughout the room. A common and effective way to kill mold and mildew is with a bleach-based cleaning product and a scrub brush. There are also natural ways to remove mold and mildew. All surfaces in the bathroom should be deep-cleaned regularly, including mirrors, counters, grout and more. For the best results, you may consider cleaning the bathroom as frequently as every week.

Use a De-Humidifier

The warmth and high humidity level in the bathroom are perfect catalysts for mold and mildew to grow. Before these substances are visible, however, you may still notice that the bathroom has a musty smell that is present for several hours or longer after you take a shower or a bath. This is related to the climate in the room, and the best way to address this situation is to improve the climate. Your bathroom likely already has an overhead fan, but you may not use it as frequently as you should. This fan should operate each time you bathe, and it should remain on until the humidity level has returned to normal. Your HVAC system is also responsible for moderating humidity. With this in mind, avoid closing the vent to the HVAC duct in the bathroom. You can also enjoy more pronounced results by investing in a de-humidifier that automatically turns on when it detects a certain amount of moisture in the air, and it will automatically turn off at the most optimal time.

Focus on Laundry and Linens

If you are like some people, you hang wet towels in the bathroom so that they can dry more efficiently. Some people toss wet towels in a corner. While allowing the towels to air dry faster can reduce the likelihood of having musty towels and lingering humidity problems, all towels will eventually become stinky with regular use. In addition, many people keep a dirty laundry basket in the bathroom to collect clothing conveniently. Dirty clothes and linens are both causes of bathroom smells. Consider investing in a laundry basket with a lid, and make an effort to wash clothes and towels at least once or twice per week. A de-humidifier may help towels to dry faster.

Wash Rugs and Shower Curtains Regularly

Clothing and linens are not the only fabric materials that you should be concerned about. Your bath rugs and mats regularly absorb water, and they also collect dust, dirt and other elements. However, many people overlook washing the rugs regularly. You may also have a cloth shower curtain as well as a plastic liner. These materials can likewise become filthy over time, and it may have been months since you last cleaned them. You may toss a plastic liner into the washing machine, and you can hang it up in the bathroom to air dry it. Some people also replace the liner periodically rather than washing it.

Remodel or Renovate Your Bathroom

You may not think about renovating your bathroom as a means to remove bad, lingering odors, or you may assume that you would not need to take such drastic measures for such a seemingly minor problem. In reality, however, some sources of bad odors may be embedded in built-in features in the room. The best way to tackle those odors is through local bathroom remodels. If you have tried these other methods to improve the smell in your bathroom and have not achieved fresh-smelling results, it may be time to consider taking the next step. The good news is that there are other profound benefits of remodeling your bathroom. For example, a bathroom renovation or remodel may increase property value, improve functionality and more. If you choose to remodel your bathroom, invest in a quality ventilation and de-humidification system to reduce the incidence of foul smells going forward.

You can see that there are many approaches to take when you are trying to overcome the challenges of a foul-smelling bathroom. A smart idea is to begin by taking some of the easier and simpler steps outlined here. You can then move on to the more significant steps as needed. Keep in mind that some of these steps, such as regular cleaning, must be done habitually for the best results.