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Having a place
where you can nest after you have kids is really exciting. But only once you
start to think about decoration will you realize how many limitations and
restrictions, you as a responsible parent, should follow. Also, if you take
this too seriously, you’ll going to end up living in a bubble-wrapped house for
the first 5 years of your kid’s life. That’s why we have come up with these 5
tips that will keep your home family-friendly and your design sanity in check.

Some Safe Accessories

Tips to Make Your Home Look Better

accessories for your family-friendly home can be quite difficult. Kids tend to
grab and break any small or shiny objects they come across. That’s why if you
don’t want some of the objects you’re emotionally attached to, to get broken,
make sure you put them somewhere where kids can’t get to it. But you’re still
going to need some accessories for your home. Books, pillows and blankets are
always a great option. These can make your home look great and still pose no
threat to your kids.

Opt for
Forgiving Rugs

Tips to Make Your Home Look Better

There’s no use
to cry over spilt milk, unless it’s spilt all over your living room rug. And
it’s safe to say that this is something you’ll have to get used to once you
have kids. The best way to keep your rugs clean and your kids happy is to opt
for rugs that are easy to clean. Viscose and silk are the materials you should
stay away from while quilted hides and natural fiber rugs are something you can
consider. These are quite easy to clean and hide a spot in.

Your Kids’ Art

Tips to Make Your Home Look Better

Parents are
always looking for ways to display their kids’ artwork. The great thing about
this is that kids keep coming up with newer and greater artworks so you can
always switch out the art pieces you hanged and give your home a refreshing
update. When it comes to frame, it’s completely up to you to choose something
that will go great with the rest of your home. And if you’re looking for some
other ways to display your kids’ art, you can always put it on floating

Pendant Lights

Even if you’re
into table and floor lamps, pendant lamps are something you should definitely
think about when trying to make your home more family-friendly. Even though
table and floor lamps may fit perfectly into your home, kids can easily break
them. Even if you keep a table lamp somewhere your kids can’t reach it, they
can still bump into the table and knock the lamp down. That’s why pendant
lights might be the safest option. If you’re looking to buy new pendant lights,
make sure you browse homewares online.

Furniture that Does Double Duty

Tips to Make Your Home Look Better

Once you have a
kid, there will organically be more stuff you’ll have to keep in your home.
Toys, diapers and baby clothes are just some of the things you’ll have to deal
with. That’s why you’re going to need any extra storage space you can make. And
furniture that does double duty is perfect for any family-friendly home. We’re
talking about sofa storage trunks, side tables with drawers, changing tables
with storage space or basically anything that can help you hide away the
unwanted clutter when not in use.

With just a
couple of simple changes you can easily find a great, kid-friendly solution to
decorating your home. Your little bundle of joy is definitely going to enjoy
the family-friendly home you’ve created.