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In case of fire you get very little time to escape, therefore you ought to have a smoke detector in your home which is quick and responsive, so as to give you sufficient time to escape. While there are number smoke detectors available in themarket you ought to be sure to buy the one which is of top quality and consists of some basic features mentioned below. Don’t think of saving costs while buying smoke detector as your life is precious than a few dollars.

1. Know About the Types Available and Feature Each of Them Has

There are a variety of smoke detectors available in the market and you ought to be smart enough to choose the one which you feel will provide you the signal at the earliest. For example, there is the ionizing smoke detector which is quicker at detecting fires caused due to paper or grease, similarly, there are the photoelectric smoke detectors which detect fire quickly if caused due to slow burning elements like upholstery. Do your research and know about variety available before you buy,

2. Consider the way you want to power your smoke detectors

One more distinction which comes to play while choosing a smoke detector is the way they are powered. There are smoke detectors which are powered using AA batteries which require change once a year, then there is the lithium powered once which can work seamlessly for a decade. Last is the electrically powered detector which operates through your building electricity and has a backup battery in case the light goes out.

3. Decide How Many Smoke Detectors You require

Considering the size of your house you are required to factor the number of smoke detectors which are needed within your home. Experts suggest having a smoke detector in each room, bathroom, as well as the kitchen and hallway. If you have a rather large home make sure all your smoke detectors are interconnected i.e. every detector triggers an alarm if any one of the smoke detectors detects smoke.

4. Only Utilize certified smoke detectors

Be a part of The Smart Future by installing a smoke detector of a good quality. While buying a smoke detector for your home make sure that they have a sticker or symbol of certification attached to them. For example, in the USA, Underwriters Laboratories certifies each smoke detector for use and similarly, in India, it is ISI which certifies such as aproduct for use.

5. Find Smoke Detectors Which Are Easy to Maintain

While buying yourself a smoke detector don’t start shopping for something too fancy, rather buy smoke detectors which are easy to maintain and clean. You are required to clean the smoke detectors once a month to ensure that no dust particles are covering its sensors hence, get yourself a smoke detector which has a removable top and easy process to replace batteries.

6. Look for Alarms Which Are Easy to Switch Off

People are often worried rather annoyed with smoke alarms which raise false trigger and then don’t turn off the siren even when you try to. Hence feeling angry they often pull out the batteries to switch off the entire unit in frustration. Therefore to save yourself from such hassle get yourself an alarm which can easily be turned off and doesn’t require the complete to be turned down.

These top 6 tips we believe will act as a good guide for you to buy yourself a smoke detector. You can also read reviews on The Smart Future with regards to any gadget you wish to buy as this will give you good insights into the quality of the product.