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Decorating your home isn’t something that everyone enjoys. Why? Well, if you have big plans it can seem a daunting job. Or, for those of us who just don’t enjoy it, even the thought of painting and decorating one room is just too much to contemplate! But, there a few home decorating tips that can help you get started and finished without too much distress.

“Even if you get the professionals in, thanks to the work that goes into choosing different designs, colours and styles, home decorating is a big job,” said Rent Guaranteed Specialist, Assetgrove. “Luckily there are some tips to help you along the way and make it seem less of a major headache.”

Pick a focal point

If you’re planning on updating more than just the wall colours, a good place to start is to pick a central focal point. This could be a sofa, a rug, or a different piece of furniture or fixture. Once you’ve done this, it can become easier to pick out colours, accents and other accessories for your room or home.

But, take some time over the choice you make – after all, it’s something that will likely be in situ for a while and that means you don’t want to fall for a fad and regret it a few months later!

Fill in any cracks

Whether you’re planning on painting or papering your walls, you need to ensure you have a nice smooth surface for the paint or paper to glide onto, or stick to, nicely. It’s one of those jobs that can seem fun and quick initially. However, once you get started, you see more and more of them and all of a sudden, you’ve spent the best part of a day mixing filler and filling cracks.

“This can be a fiddly decorating job, but the outcome means all the effort will be worth it,” said Newington Green estate agent, M&M Property. “Smooth walls mean your décor of choice will go on well and look great once everything’s finished.”

Try something different

Of course, you need to like your home and the way its decorated, but that doesn’t mean you won’t like something new. It could be a new colour, print, style or accessory – it doesn’t really matter. What does matter, is that this new element to your home décor could really make it into a room you love, or that impresses all your visitors.

If trying something different is new or scary for you, then just start small. Select a style of accessory that you understand should go with your selection, but you perhaps, wouldn’t normally opt for. It can be easily removed or replaced if you really dislike it. But, at least you’ve tried.

Tie down your colour palate

If you’ve already got a main colour choice in mind, it’s a great idea to outline a colour palate for the room, floor or your entire home. There are a variety of ways in which you can do this, including using online sites or in-store colour charts.

Then, once you’ve selected a palate it can be a lot easier to choose other colours to build on from your initial selection.

Invest in a classic item or two

Classic furniture, art and accessories can come at a notable cost. However, if you take the plunge and do this, you’ll be the owner of something that will stand the test of time – both in a fashion sense and the practical world. Who, knows your classic investment pieces could even become family heirlooms!

“The key to decorating your home isn’t the same for everyone, but there are a number of different ways to make it seem more manageable and even make it more fun,” said Brixton estate agent, Eden Harper. “Try not to worry too much over your choices and the time taken to get it right, because no matter how long it takes you’re sure to end up with a newly decorated home that you love.”