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One of the great things about having a garden is maintaining it – it is such a soothing and relaxing work. This doesn’t, however, mean that gardening is boring or predictable. The trends regarding garden design and maintenance are changing all the time, and you need to keep up if you want your yard to look the best it can.

However, have in mind that most trends are temporary, and you should have a garden that suits the aesthetic aspects of your home and that you can actually enjoy.

Colors and patternsColors and patterns

One of the ideas that are getting popular lately is trying to treat the whole garden as a single project. This means that you need to choose and organize the place according to how different elements would fit into the garden as a whole.

The designers advise using the fences and patios to establish a darker and artificial tone, and you can add some plants in correlation to that. The fences are best left dark or grey and the pathways white. This setup will make the plants and flowers pop up and be even more noticeable.

The materials

Using natural materials will take a bit of extra effort and possibly a bit more money, but it will add a lot to your garden. First of all, it’s an environmentally safer approach to the design and, if done right, it can make your garden self-sustainable.

The materials

On the other hand, using natural materials such as stone will give the garden a different aesthetic feel. It makes it seem more retro and unpolished. This works well with a lot of different plants, but it’s best suited for smaller gardens and seasonal flowers.


Minimalism is also very popular in garden design, and this often means leaving more room for the lawn and making the plants and flowers stand out.  Lawns are also easier to maintain, although they usually waste much more water than edible or decorative plants would.


Start by organizing a quick and safe tree removal that would allow you to have plenty of space for a lawn. One option is to go with a traditional lawn that needs to be maintained on a regular basis, but you can also opt for a grass mix that won’t look so neat but doesn’t need to be mowed and watered that often.

Fire and water

Fire and water fixtures are an exciting addition to the yard. They make an ordinary garden look flashy and interesting enough to host parties in it. Fire pits are the easiest to install and they work especially well if you have a patio since your guests can gather around them.

Water fixtures can be more or less complicated depending on your skills and the resources you have available. Fountains are the easiest to install, but they are not that imaginative. If you have a pump and enough space, you could create a little stream in the middle of your garden.

Local productsLocal products

In the end, the design choices aren’t only about aesthetics. It’s also important to make the garden a part of your lifestyle. The most effective way of doing this is trying to make the garden eco-friendly and sustainable.

Start by buying only locally produced plants. This means that you won’t increase your carbon footprint too much and you’ll be getting only the healthiest produce grown in an eco-friendly and responsible manner.

Gardening trends are changing pretty fast, but there are always some constants. Try to treat your garden as an art piece – fit each of its portions into an overall appearance, and you’ll have a garden fit for 2018.