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The time has arrived for home décor to merge with technology to give you an immersive living experience. Homes are slowly turning into hubs of smart technology. With more and more people demanding functional and efficient interior design, technology has swooped in to save the day. Here are five exciting technology trends for your home which will be big in 2017.

  1. Voice-activated assistants

If you ever wowed at Tony Stark’s Jarvis in the Iron Man movies,then this one’s for you. The future of home décor is here and it brings voice-activated assistants with it. The concept is simple–the devices are installed in multiple places across your homeand they can be activated through pre-programmed phrases. Once the device is active, you can give it commands such as telling you the weather, play a song, dim the lights and more.A few popular voice-activated assistants available currently are Alexa from Amazon and Google Home.

  1. Nest thermostats

Make your home hot or cool at the touch of a button with programmable thermostat technology. These thermostats can be calibrated and controlled with your smartphone or tablet. Another interesting feature in the temperature department are Nest thermostats which learn when you’re at home or away and then regulate the temperature indoors. This is enabled by zone-based thermostats which use motion sensors and supply heat to rooms that are occupied.

  1. Automated door locks

On days when you are carrying home two gull grocery bags and struggling to use your keys, automated door locks are the answer. Your front door can be programmed to unlock or open when you approach. Conversely, the door won’t open if someone unfamiliar is on the other side. Mothers with young children, owners of pets and people who have been locked out of their homes will surely appreciate this.

  1. Renewable energy

If you want to improve your home while keeping your ultimate home—well, the earth—safe, there are lots of décor options which use renewable energy. Wind energy is becoming increasingly popular for residential use. Compact turbines, which can be conveniently installed on roofs, start producing wind energyeven at less than 1 mph wind speed. Solar water heaters are also being introduced into more and more homes. They help you save electricity and bring down heating expenditure. They’re also majorly environment-friendly.

  1. Robots for chores

What if we told you that all your boring house chores, like cleaning, vacuuming and washing the dishes could be handled by robots? With new age home technology, this could soon be a reality. The iRobot Roomba is one such product. It drives itself around your house, vacuums as it goes and then moves back into charging position. It repeats this process multiple times throughout the day.

These are just a few of the trends that will appear in the home décor technology market but there are tons of other brilliant solutions that will emerge. One thing is clear—open the doors of your home to technology and take your residency to the next level.

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